Wonderings on blogging


Well this is my first blog post and it seems pretty strange to be typing and knowing that at the moment nobody is actually reading it :-)

I set this blog up as I've been a reader of various blogs for a couple of years now that have inspired me in many ways and so I decided to set up my own, in the hope that they will be even halfway as good as some of the ones out there.

I've already got a few ideas for posts (including taking part in the Mad Hatters Tea Party held by Vanessa at her wonderful blog A Fanciful Twist).  The idea is to keep it light and whimsical with wonderings on the kind of things I like, tea, cakes, art, writing, history, dresses, fairies and the occasional dark and creepy thing. :-)

So, I'm off to add lots of blogs to my reading list and think up some (hopefully) interesting things to post.



Kat said…
Thanks for stopping by Secrets Rachel,
I wish you all the best at your new blog
The grey cygnet is so sweet on your post above!
Kat x

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