Wonderings on Lace and Mummies in Paris

The other night we went to see The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec.  Our cinema of choice is a gorgeously refurbished 1930’s independent cinema where the seats are large and comfy and you can watch your film while drinking tea and eating cake, or indulging in your favourite tipple, if you so wish.

This isn’t an entire film review, as I’m not sure how you go about writing one of those, but, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were so many things in it that I love: historical settings (in this case early 20th century), great storytelling, action, adventure, supernatural creatures and beautiful costumes.  The resurrected Mummies wandering around Paris were a particular highlight.

My favourite costume has to be this one:

Image taken from here

A gorgeous lace creation, with powder blue trimmings, a wide brimmed hat and an abundance of feathers.  I’m already looking round for ways to create a similar modern version.

I really hope that they make a sequel!


Que Bella said…
I confess, I've never heard of this movie, but after googling the title, it jumped to the top of my must see list. It looks amazing. ~Michelle

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