Wonderings on Waterlillies and Statues

Gosh I can't believe how fast the time goes.  This time last week I was dragging my aching feet round The Natural History Museum on the final day of a exhausting but fun weekend in London.

I spent Friday afternoon at the Victorian and Albert museum, walking around the Cult of Beauty exhibition with my mouth open, staggered by the beauty.  It's such a shame that no photos were allowed as I'd love to be able to share some paintings by artists such as Rossetti and Whistler as well as the gorgeous painted furniture, wallpapers and books.  I came away from it determined to try and add just a little more beauty into my life.

Saturday saw the sun come out for our trip to Kew Gardens.  My favourite part of this by far was the Waterlilly House.

It was like stumbling across a beautiful fairyland and finding that you've been magically shrunk just so you could play on the giant Lily pads.  I was very tempted to kick of my shoes and jump in, although I'm not sure the other visitors would have been very impressed.

The other glass house was far to hot for me, although I did enjoy spotting the giant creatures dotted around.

 The Queen's garden was another highlight.

I've always been interested by the use of herbs, throughout history for culinary, medicinal and magical purposes, so wandering around and seeing all the herbs labeled with there uses was fascinating.

Oh and I can't leave without showing you my new friend.

He really is a handsome devil.  I spent quite a bit of time staring at him lost in imaginings of him suddenly coming to life and winking at me.

This weekend, in contrast, is being spent sorting, tidying and relaxing, which I have to admit, is one of my favourite kinds of weekend. :-)


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