Wonderings on Agatha Christie and Amazing Finds

I just had to share this article with you that was on BBC News last week.  Somebody had bought an old bureau from an Estate Sale at one of Agatha Christie's old houses and when it came to be restored a telegram was found at the back of it.  This telegram was from non other than Noel Coward reluctantly congratulating her on her play The Mousetrap becoming the longest running play in London's West End.  I say reluctantly because the play had taken over the record held by Noel Coward's own show Blithe Spirit.

This for me, as a huge Agatha Christie fan and also of course of Blithe Spirit (it was one of my favourite films) is such an exciting find.  A small piece of history tucked away waiting to be found many years later.

C and I went down to Devon last year for the Annual Agatha Christie festival and got to visit Greenway, Agatha's holiday home.  It really is very beautiful, my profile picture was taken there.  Even though it was the middle of September the weather was gorgeous, like a warm summers day and sitting by the boat house, looking out to the Quay I could see why she described it as "the loveliest place in the world".


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