Wonderings on August Sunshine

It's hot! A rather lackluster June/July has developed into a hot and humid August. Almost as if the weather is trying to make up for a lack of heat by cramming as much as she can into 3 days.

Even my generally cool office warms up and the drive home in an un-air-conditioned car, along a busy motorway, leads to me arriving home a rather sticky disheveled mess. I give myself some time to cool down before coming outside to enjoy the last of the evening sunshine.

I settle in my lounger with a cup of tea and I plan. Now is the time to make plans, not for rushing around trying to carry plans out. It's the time to enjoy the chance the heat gives and spend it just sitting and thinking.

I sit and listen to my gorgeous C as he practices the guitar and I watch the cats as they slump down in whatever shade they can find, Seraphina's long coat making her more susceptible to the heat, so she stretches out on the patio next to me, happy to also just sit and contemplate her favourite things. Soon the sun will go down, the air will cool and she'll be back to chasing the bugs around the garden.

I watch as the sun moves lower and the trees in the fields start to glow golden and green, I try to find the words to describe the beauty of it, but this is not the type of beauty that can be described. It needs to be seen and appreciated, but then you knew that.

So now I think I'll take myself off for a cool bath and maybe I'll come back when the sun goes down and sit again and wonder.


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