Wonderings on Living Room Colours

C and I decided at the weekend that it was time to start thinking about decorating our living room, especially if we want to get it looking cosy and comfortable ready for the winter.  At the minute it's a rather boring cream colour, which might have been alright if it wasn't for the fact that most of the house is cream.  We want to inject a bit of colour into it, but nothing to bright.

I'm currently playing with the idea of a soft grey, especially with images like these to tempt me.

We do, however, have quite a few pieces of dark wooden furniture and I'm not sure yet that the grey will go with them.  Although the dark coffee table does look beautiful here

Then of course the question is do we go for colour accents and if so what colour red, yellow?  So many things to think about, I'm looking forward to fetching some little pots of paint samples. :-)

Oh and I've just requested an invite to Pinterest, virtual moodboards, oooo yes please.


The Blue Faerie said…
Ooooohhh... I like the first and third ones. They're beautiful! You know, even if you don't have dark furniture, you could take the opportunity to learn how to stain wood. Or maybe have table covers of some kind that match the color?
Carousel Dreams said…
I'm with the Blue Faerie, the 1st and last are my favourites...I think the dark wood looks perfectly lovely with this colour...I say go for it x
rachelsmith133 said…
Thanks for your advice ladies. :-)

We're going to go and get some paint samples this week, see which shade will go best.
Heather said…
Hello and so nice to meet you! Oh, I love a good home make over! It's amazing what color can do! I recently painted our bathroom a dark chalkboard gray and love it, although I never thought I would. Gray really makes dark and light things pop, and its a color that most things will go with as well.
Heaven's Walk said…
Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by Heaven's Walk and leaving your sweet comment! I'm so happy to meet you, girlie! I love that you are thinking of that beautiful soft gray color. It's so chic and warm and cozy. Check out dreamywhites.blogspot.com and see how Maria has used that pretty gray in her house. You're going to love it! I think that any neutral color would go with your gray/white scheme. A dark coffee table or some wood accent pieces would warm up the space and really make it look interesting! Blue/white grain sack pillows would be glorious accent pieces. Check out "Grainsacks" on Etsy! Have fun and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!
xoxo laurie

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