Wonderings on Learning French


I had my first french lesson this morning (well the first one since I finished my G.C.S.E's about 15 years ago).  Have to admit that I was a little scared but also excited.

The company I work for is a French company so they offer free French lessons to all employees and as I'm now a permanent member of staff there, I was asked if I would like to learn.  Well of course I said yes, not only to make the e-mails in French I receive a little easier to understand without the use of Google Translate, but also so that if at any point in the not to distance future I get to cross the channel for a little trip to Paris, I will find it much easier to:

Order Macarons in all different flavours

Ask for directions to Versailles


Spend all my money in the flea markets.

I guess that means I'd better get practicing then. :-) 

Au revoir


Crystalrainbow said…
Hello :) just dropping by to say hi and thanks for stopping by my place :) i had a few lessons years but just couldnt get the hang of it. I still remeber a few words from school but as ive got older it just dont seem to stay in my head lol x x
Birgit said…
Hi there,

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