Wonderings on a Woodland Festival

Last Sunday I visited my favourite local park. 

Walking through the woodland I caught the scent of a fire burning and the sound of a flute floating over the breeze.  As if I had wandered into another time I came across an encampment where men showed off their skills, chopping, carving and creating with that age old medium, wood.

Exploring further into the forest there were wheels and chairs, brooms and lanterns.  All lovingly hand-crafted and displayed. 

Of course this festival of the woods wouldn't be complete without a Green Man, telling tales and singing songs of ancient times and the trees that have witnessed its passing, all for the amusement and education of any brave enough to enter his circle.

Eager to be a part of this magical day, I gladly attempted my own bit of willow weaving.  In and out, under and over, losing myself in the relaxing rhythm until with a little help, I had created my very own willow sculpture of a little fish.

Following our noses (and the signs) we lunched on hot roast pork and cups of tea, basking in the glorious September sunshine.  Our forage for food had brought us to an open field where some modern representation of wood and it's uses were on show.

Chain-saw carvings so intricate and accurate in there details, you almost expected the subjects to come to life and fly away.

The caravan, an ancient mode of transport, brought up to date but sustainable, with recycled materials, solar panels and integrated music system.  A must for the wishlist of any wannabe gypsy, like me.

We finished our walk with hearts and heads full to bursting with joy and excitement at all we had seen, a day to be remembered and treasured for many years to come.


Crystalrainbow said…
:) its amazing what you can find when you go down to the woods ........ it looked amazing
annie swati said…
It is really interesting and fun to watch the process............... solar panels cost

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