Wonderings on a New Year

So 2012 is finally here. 

I started off yesterday feeling a little down, December is one of my favourite months, I hate to see it go and along with it all the Christmas decorations and sparkliness that they bring.  I am determined though to find away to bring more sparkles into January and February, so if you have any ideas please do let me know!

One thing that I like doing on New Years Eve is a little ritual that I read about in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Romancing the Ordinary.  It involves lighting 12 tea lights, each representing a month of the coming year and making a wish on each one.
I lined up my tea lights and spent a few minutes on each one, thinking about the month, what it could bring and how I could enjoy it more.

Here is my list:-

January – To stay warm and snugly (I already started that today with a big pot of Russian Caravan tea, snuggled in a blanket watching The Wind in the Willows.

February – Inspiration and Creativity

March – Cakes (March was a struggle but then it wouldn’t be a list of wishes without cake.)

April – to reconnect with nature and enjoy the coming of Spring.

May – to stay calm and serene (this one is leading up to June)

June – to take time to enjoy my wedding to the man I love (see why I want to try and stay calm in May).

July – Dance out in the warm rain

August – Slow down and enjoy the rest of summer.

September – treat myself to a new autumn outfit

October – Immerse myself in the coming of Halloween

November – Prepare for December but remember to enjoy the month I’m in and take time to watch the bonfires.

December – Christmas, enjoy it!

My main wish for next year is to carry on trying to be as creative as possible, heading towards a life where that creativity takes centre stage rather than having to fit it around so many other things.


So here is to 2012 may it grant you your own wishes and the strength to weather whatever Time decides to throw at us.


Heather said…
what a lovely idea! And something to look forward to with each passing month. hope you have a wonderful 2012!
Jennifer said…
That is a fantastic little ritual to practice on the New Year! I especially love the staying warm and snugly one for January. Makes me want to watch The Wind in the Willows so badly! Is it the one with John Cleese? That one's my absolute favourite. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and thank you for all of your sweet comments over at my little blog home!
Lots of love,
Sarah said…
Happy new year and may it bring all the things on your list and more!

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