Wonderings on the Receiving of Glorious Gifts

Well Christmas and New Year have long gone and January has us caught firmly in its grip.  I only have 2 pieces of Christmas cake left and I imagine that will be gone by the end of this weekend.

Not that I can be too miserable though, Father Christmas (or rather my wonderful family) gifted me with plenty to keep me occupied over the winter months.  One thing I shall never be is bored.

My parents got me a much wished for sewing machine.  It took a little while to set up but now it’s up and running I’ve been practicing sewing straight lines and dreaming up all the wonderful things I will be able to make, now all I need is some gorgeous fabric.  Time to get shopping I think.

The lovely C (and he is very lovely) got me a drawing tablet thingie that enables you to draw straight into photoshop, which considering he already loses me quite a bit to the computer was very generous.  Or maybe that was his thinking all along “What can I get her that will keep her quiet” Lol he does have to put up with a lot of silliness.

Anyway, what I wanted to show you, because as lovely as my other presents are they aren’t really photo worthy, I’ll save that until I’ve actually created something with one of them, were these two beautiful pendants from Paradise Findings.

The first one was in my final Advent Calendar box on Christmas Eve.

Isn’t she a darling?  I love that she looks all beautiful in her ballgown and then when you look a bit closer you see that her face is actually a skull and I do love a good skull.

The second one was this gorgeous dragon and spider creation.  It makes such an impact when you wear it and everybody has commented on how wonderful it looks.

Pictures from the Paradise Findings Etsy Shop

They are both so wonderful and I’m already thinking about new outfits I could get to complement their loveliness.  Uh oh I can see some more shopping ahead.

Looking their Etsy shop they have so many beautiful creations.  In fact I may need to take my Paypal password and lock it away in the deep dark dungeons of my mind, stop me from spending all my money!


Charlotte said…
What lovely gifts. That dragon and spider design is stunning. I look forward to seeing what you create with the sewing machine and tablet.

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