Wonderings on..... Having a Snow Day

Today I am a happy girl. After months of waiting and longing for it yesterday at 3pm it started to snow and didn't finish until around 11.30 last night.  So of course, when we got up this morning to find the snow still around we donned our warm clothes and walking boots and took ourselves outside.  We're very lucky to have open countryside right on our doorstep, so we can walk out of our house and head straight onto a path that either takes us to a lovely set of ponds and lakes one way or, eventually to a country park, the other way.

It was such a wonderful morning, the sun was shining so it was pleasantly mild, screams of laughter from sledging and snow ball fighting filled the air and everybody you met was keen to say hello and wish you a good day.  I'm not sure what it is about snow but it does seem to put people in a good mood and bring out the child in them.

Not long after C and I had gotten together, a few years ago now, we went out on a really snowy evening and had a snowball fight in a field, then he drew me a heart in the snow, he still does it whenever we have snow now. :-)

We got as far as this sty and then after tricking C into lying down in the cold snow to make a snow Angel, and getting a snowball down my neck as revenge, we decided it was best to head home and warm up.

 I love this, it reminds me of Narnia, you walk down it and half expect to find Mr Tumnus waiting by a lamppost.

Of course another highlight of going out for a walk in the snow is that it gives you the perfect excuse to have a little whisky in your tea when you get back. :-)


Jennifer said…
So lovely :) I am glad you got snow this Winter! I'd gladly send some over, we've got about a metre of it. I think that looks quite like Narnia minus the lamp post as well.

The first (and the subsequent snows that stick) snows are always so magical. Mostly because, depending where you are, they haven't been mucked up and are still pristine.

Enjoy it!
Crystalrainbow said…
oh hello hun :) i keep waiting and hoping for some snow here, but none yet..... i just wanna go out a get some pics really then curl up warm and watch the world go by lol have a wonderful day keep warm and enjoy your little white covering x x x
ted and bunny said…
hiya- just logged on to my blog and found your comment, thankyou!

Where abouts are you to have all this snow? We have none...and so I can't have any whisky!

Victoria said…
Beautiful! Gorgeous post ..such magical snowy images..blissful...wonderful writing too!
Shine on kindred
Heather said…
what a beautiful snowscene! It is rather Narnia-ish, isnt it? We still havent seen snow....so its nice to see real winter in the world!~
A bit of snow can be very nice, can't it?

Thank you so, so much for your visit to The Tearoom! I do hope to see you at the Valentine's Day party. If not on that day, the tea and sweets never really run out, so whenever you happen to be there!

Wishing you a wonderful evening,

Natalie Suarez said…
super pretty!! xx

Alisa Noble said…
Oh, how lovely!
It's been so mild here in Texas, I was suprised to find out that it actually did snow last night. We missed it though, because we were watching a movie. I found out about it this morning... on facebook! LOL
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
Ruthie said…
How beautiful, i do wish we had some snow here, it has such a magical feel to it! Mr Tumnus has to be one of my most favorite characters.

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