Wonderings on Shoulders and Cracks


Sorry for the gap in posting, unfortunately I’ve developed what the doctors think might be a frozen shoulder, which I’m hoping isn’t as it takes far too long to get better and I don’t fancy any of that malarky, far too many things to be getting on with.  Any way it means that I’m having to take a little bit of break from all things creative, just so that I’m not spending to long hunched over desks or sat at computers (which I have to do during the day while I’m at work).  I was hoping to give you a little sneaky peak into some of the wedding preparations but I’ll have to save that now, hopefully for next week.

When I returned from the Doctors on Monday with an armful of strong painkillers and instructions to rest on the sofa incase they made me feel funny (well more funny than usual) it was an ideal time to settle down and watch a dvd.  My film of choice was one I’d been wanting to watch for a while.  Cracks starring Eva Green is set in a 1930s private school, it’s a story of obsession and it shows how jealousy and maniuplation can make girls really mean, in fact it did remind me a tiny bit of Lord of the Flies for girls.  Although some bits really were a little unsettling I really enjoyed it and the costumes are just divine, so many outfits I’d love to have in my wardrobe.

Like this one.  I love the dress, with red hat and flowing coat.

This scene where the girls have a midnight party is wonderful, with flowers in their hair and decorating the room.

Oh and this room, I just want to move in straight away, full of treasures and artifacts, it's so wonderful.

Well I'm hoping to recuperate some more this weekend and then full steam ahead after that.  Spring is in the air and June along with our wedding is just around the corner!

Oh and because of the changes to Blogger I've added the Linky friends thing for anybody who would like to follow my wonderings but doesn't have Blogger.

PS Eek I just realised I've missed my French lesson, I thought it was at 11 but turns out it was at 10 this week.  Whoops!

Wowsa haven't I gone on, I think Ramblings would be better than Wonderings for this post, I blame the painkillers. ;-)

Bon Week-end Mes Petits Amis


Charlotte said…
Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon. Rest up and take care of yourself. I do love the outfit in your first photo and I would be so happy in that room, so many gorgeous things.
Jennifer said…
Oh dear! A frozen shoulder? Sounds horrible. Oh gosh that film sounds really good! I might have to check it out. I agree, the artistic quality of the film is divine! Hope you have a lovely week and feel better. Rest up Madam!
Miss Sophie said…
ouch, that sounds like it hurts. i hope it is feeling better.
i'm going to watch this movie poste haste! it looks so beautiful.
Victoria said…
Fabulous post..this looks like a movie I'd love to see..! Hope you feel all sparkly real soon..get well!
I hope your shoulder feels better then ever very soon! Congratualtions on your upcoming wedding and thank you for visiting my blog too!
Have a beautiful day,
Rhissanna said…
oh my! The room! The ROOM! Pinning that to my Sherlock Steampunk study at ONCE!

As for Lord of the Flies, Golding said his original inspiration was a night his wife asked him to put the boys to bed. Apparently the ensuing rampant anarchy lead him to a 'what if' moment.

Thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog! If you find any alterable toys, please let us see what you make of them?

And yes, I really hope it's not a frozen shoulder, too.
Heather said…
Hello there! I do hope you're feeling better! How's the shoulder? This movie looks so amazing, how have i not heard of it?!

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