Wonderings on Unexpected Sunshine


Finally, I'm back.  My shoulder is feeling much better (thank you all for your well wishes) and today was rather wonderful because we had a day off work. :-)  It was surprisingly extra special because there has been such glorious sunshine.

We worked hard this morning, getting some spring cleaning done so the afternoon was free to enjoy the weather.  I gave my sun lounger a good wash and dug out a pretty cover for it, unfortunately it's original cushion didn't survive the winter, serves me right for leaving it out, so I had to improvise a little with a quilt cover and a throw cushion but I actually really like it. 

I chose two of my favourite baking books to take out with me, The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree and Eat Me! by Xanthe Milton and settled down for a much needed bask in the sun.

My department at work has started Cake Fridays, so each of us takes it in turns to bring in cake for everybody on a Friday and we get to take 10-15 minutes out to eat cake and take a bit of a break, which is rather nice.  This Friday it's my turn so I was looking for some inspiration.

These Lemon and Elderflower cupcakes are looking rather yummy, I'll be trying these ones.

Both books are full of wonderful recipes and are so pretty to look at.

Talking of pretty, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Serry enjoying her afternoon nap.

She soon got fed up of me though.

"No more pictures, I need my beauty sleep don't you know." Ha she's such a funny little thing. 

Anyway I'm off back outside, it's still looking lovely and so I don't want to spend to much time indoors.

I shall share some pictures of my cupcakes once they are ready.

Enjoy your day no matter the weather.



Charlotte said…
Glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better. Your sunlounger looks so inviting and those cupcakes sound delicious. What a great idea cake Fridays are. Serry is soooooooo cute I want to tickle her fluffy tummy.
Purpletreebird said…
Ah! Your chair and reading matter look blissful, it's so lovely to feel the sun again isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by and your lovely comment! :)
Jess xx
Heather said…
looks like you had a lovely bask in the sun with some great books and a very lovely friend! What a cute kitty! And cake friday sounds pretty darn yummy :)
Crystalrainbow said…
your spot in the sunshine looks mighty inviting :) sun.,.... book... and pretty hat :) the weather has been glorious here in cornwall too we had a day on the beach and ther was plenty of folk there having a paddle, long may it continue x x x
Papillon Bleu said…
Oh my...this Friday cupcake things souunds very dangerous.He!he!
I love your cat! She is so lovely.

Have a lovely weekend.
Patricia x
Jennifer said…
That is just my idea of bliss. Being on a a quilt in the grass, resting, reading, relaxing and soaking up the heat and sun. Perfect. And cookbooks are the best aren't they? So filled with yummy, wonderful ideas.
Carousel Dreams said…
Sounds like the perfect day, lazing in the sun, gleaning baking inspiration from books - that's my kind of day! Love your puss sunning herself - animals can teach us so much about living in the moment...thankyou so much for stopping by my blog. Blessings x
How perfect with a floral print blanket, a straw hat, lovely books... That´s really my kind of day too.
Sara x

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