Wonderings on One for all.....

Wow, its’ been so long since my last post.  Where once it was unusually and gloriously sunny now it is wet and cold.  L’il Miss Spoilsport, April Shower has us well and truly in her grip.

For me, however, the rain is a good thing as I cannot allow myself to be distracted by warm afternoons reading in the garden, you see, the reason I have been so quiet is that there are now only 6 weeks to go until our wedding.  6 weeks!!!  How that happened I’m not quite sure but needless to say we have a lot to do between now and June 2nd so please forgive the sporadic posting between now and then.

I managed to find a bit of time last Friday evening to watch the latest Three Musketeers film.  I think I have pretty much seen every Musketeer film out there (including the weird ninja type one a few years ago which I think was called The Musketeer).  I actually really enjoyed this new version, the costumes were lavish (my favourite kind) and I quite enjoyed the little steampunk touches that had been added in such as the dirigibles and the opening scene diving equipment.

Milla Jovovich’s character Milady has the best costumes…..

This one is my favourite….

…. Oh and look at that hat!!

It’s not the best of films but for an evening of light entertainment, pretty dresses and sword fighting it fits the bill.

Aramis is always my favourite Musketeer, do you have a favourite?

Oh, oh, oh, can anybody remember the cartoon series Dogtanian?  It was one of my favourite things to watch as a little girl.

 (Images all taken from my Pinterest board)

Well I guess there is only one thing left to say......

All for one and one for all!

(yes, yes I really did just go there)


Anonymous said…
Agreed Arimus us my fav too.
Best of luck with the wedding preparations!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Jennifer said…
Milla Jovovich is so beautiful isn't she? I actually didn't even know this movie had come out! I am behind on the times I suppose. I don't know much about the Three Musketeers at all, except they're a candy bar lol! Congratulations on it only being 6 weeks to the wedding! That's so exciting. I understand it must be crazy stressful now that you're in crunch time and all. Oh such fun!
Rhissanna said…
Ok, this seals it for me! I WILL see this film. Steampunk and costumes, perfect. Hooray for Alexander Dumas! Thank you for this post. The film's had such low publicity, I didn't even know it was out! I wonder if they'll sell little model airships? Really need one for the Steampunk Study.
Victoria said…
Yay...fabulous post..gorgeous dresses..I would love to wear those..I love MillaJ, I once had a cd of hers from when she was young..she has a sublime voice! Oh my..how exciting..enjoy your wedding upcoming..wishing you bliss and joy!
We actually just saw this movie and we liked it too! We enjoyed the backdrop of Paris in that time, the dirigibles and of course, Milla was gorgeous!

Six weeks until your wedding? Oh how fun (and nerve-wracking at the same time!!). That must place your wedding date the same week as our fifth wedding anniversary!!

Sending you very best wishes!
(Thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom!)

Crystalrainbow said…
lol :) i can honestly say ive never seen the films but i like the costumes ohhh. Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans fingers crossed some sunshine by then :) x x x

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