Wonderings on a Garden Party Reception - Part 2

Here I am, back again with a few more photos to share.  It was a busy day yesterday, we were sorting out cupboards so that we could make room for all the extra tea sets, plates and things we have now the wedding is over.

This was our outdoor vintage living room which was set up as a place to take photos but also as a little tribute to the Queen's Jubliee, which was taking place on the same day.  We had an old newspaper from the coronation, a gramophone and various other little bits and pieces.  My dad had even put up a false wall against the Garden room and wallpapered it. :-)

Hidden inside the Union Jack trunk was the dressing up items, which my sister and I made the most of.  This is just one of the many many photos of us in various different outfits.

On the top table we had a C & R which we had decorated ourselves.  The C had all things about C, things he liked etc, the R had the same but about me and the & had things we had done together, places we had visited, where we met etc.


You can also see my bouquet which was made with silk flowers, feathers and vintage brooches, it even had the little tags worn by my cats with their names on them so they were not left out.

Of course there was plenty of fairy lights for when darkness fell.

Anyway, I think that's enough wedding talk, thank you again for your lovely comments, they mean alot.

Ooooo and one other thing, I'm quite excited because I'm going to be taking part in Frosted Petunias Midsummer Altered Fairy Shoe challenge.

It's going to be great!!



Jennifer said…
I can't believe you had a dressing up station at your wedding reception. Sounds like a delightful fairy ball :) Can't wait to see your altered shoe creation.
Heather said…
Oh wow! That looks just gorgeous! And what a fun idea to set up that photo area. I love that union jack pillow, I've been looking for one for my own place! What a fun day!~

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