Wonderings on a Tale of Frogs and a Prince

Once upon a time a young girl read the story of The Frog Prince and from that day forth she was determined to find a Prince of her own.

Anne Anderson - The Frog Prince

As the years went by she admittedly kissed a lot of frogs and although she never found her Prince she didn't mind as it was these mistakes and wrong turns that shaped her into the person she was and that helped her to where she needed to be in order to meet her Prince.

Now one day she met a frog who was to teach her the true meaning of being a Prince.  He was not only handsome and intelligent but also kind, thoughtful and made her laugh like no other frog ever had and when she kissed him she knew she had found her Prince.

On the 2nd June 2012 in a circle bound by their loved ones the Girl and her Frog Prince were married and they lived................well that story is still being written.


Ha ha I am back and yes indeed I am married!!!  The day was just perfect and I do have photos to show but I just wanted to share that little tale to start with.



Queenie Believe said…
Congratulations, so glad your special day was great!
Here's to a beautiful marriage!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Jennifer said…
YAY! Congratulations Rachel! So happy to see you back, and married too! Hopefully everything went off without a hitch ;) You were so excited, I know. I am so very happy for you :)
Charlotte said…
The Girl & her Frog Prince certainly made me believe in fairy tale endings beyond books last Saturday x
I love that you mix old fairytale images into this post. It just makes it all even more beautiful and romantic.
Dear Rachel,
Congratulations and biggest hugs to you and your prince!!! May you have many beautiful and happy years together. I can't wait to see wedding pictures!!!



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