Wonderings on a Tale of Shoes, Fairies and Midsummer Magic

The shoe lay in front of her, flat and rather uninspiring.

Frosted Petunias altered shoe challenge was tomorrow and as of yet she didn't have a clue what she was going to do.  She looked at the clock and sighed, it was far to late to start now, she'd have to get up extra early in the morning and hope that she could have it finished in time.  With one last look at the shoe, hoping that her dreams would bring inspiration she went up to bed.

The dead of night and the house is quiet, all its occupants sleeping soundly, but wait, what's that noise?  It sounds like bells, no, it isn't bells, it's giggles.  Trying to be quiet, but failing miserably a little fairy lands next to the shoe.

She's quickly joined by her friend and a rather intriguing pile of bits and pieces.

What could they possible be doing with their stash of precious items?

Chatting quietly to themselves they set to work.

Before they knew it the sun was starting to rise and they heard the beginnings of the dawn chorus, satisfied with their nights work, the fairies rushed off to sing and dance with the birds before heading home for a sleep.

Coming down the stairs after a restful nights sleep she was surprised to see the shoe had disapeared, but what had happened to it?  Maybe C had moved it before coming to bed.

Opening the curtains, she'd looked out at the lawn, something wasn't quite right, what was that on the grass?  Opening the door she went outside for a closer look.  Surely it couldn't be....... but it looks like..... no... really?  It was a shoe.

She bent over to look more closely, in fact it was her shoe completely transformed.  Covered in feathers, berries and flowers.

How had it got there?  Who would do such a wonderful thing?  The shoe was just the kind of thing she'd dreamt about, something that looked like it had been made by the fairies.

The End

Thank you so much for joining me in Frosted Petunias Midsummer Fairy Altered Shoe challenge.  I had such fun and I can't wait to see all the other wonderful creations.


Hazel (Didos) said…
WOW Love what the Fairies did with the shoe, Its brilliant, Love Hazelxo
that is really really sweet! so very sweet....came out great!
Tricia said…
Oh that was wonderful!!!! What a precious story and such great shoes! Thank you so much for sharing!
Chrislyn said…
The fairies did a wonderful job! What a delightful tale!

What fun the fairies had creating your shoe! I love all the natural elements they gathered together and the little flat makes it sweet and lovely. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Incipient Wings said…
this is wonderful.I love the colors!
thanks for sharing with us!
Dragonfly said…
What a magical job the fairies made of re fashioning your shoe. It will be perfect for the woodland ball on a summers night.

J x
Jennifer said…
This looks so beautiful! I can't believe what a great job those fairies did ;) How lovely are those feathers and bits and bobs.
Sarah said…
Hi Rachel,
Thanks for your visit today!
I love what these fairies did to the shoe-now you just need them to do the other one and you can go for a magical woodland walk!
Heather said…
oh wow! that turned out beautifully!~ great job!
Donna Patrice said…
Such adorable fairies! I LOVE it when fairies come to my rescue and I'm so glad that they came to yours! =) Such a beautiful fairy shoe - I often wish I could get away with wearing things like this all the time! =)
I love fairy crafts! Those little flower fairies are cute. I especially love the shoe from natural materials. P.S. It´s almost hard for me to imagine what it is like living in a place where it´s so hot you can´t have a picnic outside in the summer.
Cameron said…
So glad to get to know you here in Bloggy Paradise!

Thank you so much for joining in on the Mermaid Swap and becoming a new friend

We are going to have a lot of fun!

Btw, I love the way this fairy shoe turned out....and I thought your teacup people for the Mad Tea Party were an amazing sight!!

Lotsa hugs,

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