Wonderings on a Tale of Tea Parties, Gingerbread and Mysteries

It was a beautifully sunny day and Agatha ChrisTEA had decided to pay her dear friends Earl and Lady Grey a visit.  


They were so happy to see Agatha and tea was set up in Lady Grey’s sitting room, complete with an Apple sponge cake.

All of a sudden a kerfuffle was heard at the door and in walked a gypsy woman!

“Oh I say” exclaimed Lord Grey  “How did you get in here?  What do you want?”

"My name is Gypsy Rose Tea and your fortunes I shall tell, the tea leaves are my guide and good luck is what I sell."

Gypsy Rose Tea picked up one of the empty cups and looked at in intently, slowly starting to frown.

“The leaves do not look good and bad vibes are in the air, they show me times of murder, darkness and despair.”

 Suddenly a Lady Grey let out a piercing scream “AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH look, OH NO, look.”

The party all turned towards her and gasped, for lying on the floor, headless was the ginger bread man.

“Oh no”  Lady Grey sobbed "Not the gingerbread man, who would do such a thing?  Where is his head?"

Now Agatha thought herself a bit of an amateur sleuth and she knew exactly what to do in this kind of situation.  “Right well we must all keep calm and look for clues.  I know that I didn’t eat the gingerbread man head so I shall interview you all."

“Earl Grey I shall start with you.”

"Where were you at the time of the murder?"

"You know where I was, I was in the sitting room listening to the Gypsy woman.  I didn’t take the gingerbread head, can’t stand the things, By Jove."

Lady Grey was next.

“Now dear, take a deep breath and try to remember what you can.”

“Well Agatha, dear, I was sat next to you listening to the Gypsy lady when I heard a noise from behind me, I looked around and that was when I saw the body.  I really can’t bear it, I was saving it for us to share, it certainly wasn’t me, I always start with the legs."

Gypsy Rose Tea wasn’t able to offer any further help either.

 “I told you that it was in the tea leaves, I warned you this would happen.”

Hummmm, Agatha addressed the rest of the group.  "Well clearly it is none of us here, let us go back to the gingerbread man and see if there is something we have missed."

“A Ha!  What is this? There are crumbs on the floor.”  They all looked excitedly round at each other, this tea party was far more interesting than they had expected.

“Where do they lead?  We must follow them.”

They followed the crumbs outside and over to the mushroom patch.

As they got closer they could see that a figure was sitting amongst the mushrooms.  It was an elf.

An elf who had a gingerbread head in his hands.

 “It was you, naughty elf!  You stole the gingerbread head.”  The Elf, who was indeed rather naughty, quickly lept down and ran off, clutching the gingerbread head tightly and laughing.

The group, happy that the mystery had been solved, and not really bothered about the loss of one gingerbread man head after all, went back inside to finish there tea.

Later that evening when Agatha ChrisTEA was back home she started to write the tale of the Headless Gingerbread man down, she had decided that, with a few embellishments of course, it would make a wonderful mystery novel, she might even try and get it published.

The End

 I hope you enjoyed my mad tea party with my teacup people.  I've decided that this would be an ideal time to have my first giveway!  The giveaway consists of a teacup (maybe for a teacup person?), a wooden mushroom (a miniature version of the ones the elf was found in) and a little flower fairy.

All you need to do is leave a comment and let me know you'd like to be entered into the draw and I'll add your name to the hat.  Oh and please make sure that I have a way to contact you if you win.

Big thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for holding such wonderful Tea Parties.  Sooooo looking forward to seeing what everybody has come up with this year.

Much love
R xxxx


Teacup Mosaics said…
A wonderful party with suspense and the famous Agatha ChrisTEA, well done!!!
Your teacup people are adorable. Do I smell gingerbread?
Thank you and Party On!
when you can please visit!
Meeha Meeha said…
The teacup ladies are fantastic! And I love your assortment of whimsical hats, they complete the tea party :) I'm happy to return the visit, happy mad tea party!
Melinda said…
such a lovely party and story! Thanks for the invite and for stopping by and sharing some tea with me too!
Elisabet said…
OMG Rachel! How wonderfully creative you have been with your Mad Tea Party! I absolutely loved it and how you wove in the names of the characters! Awesome my friend! Thank you so much too for stopping by and having some tea and cake at my party!
Hugs and enjoy the rest of your parties! elisabetpollock.blogspot.com (Mossberry Cottage)
Beth P
Natasha said…
Love Agatha ChrisTEA. What fabulous party. Thankyou for stopping by mine. xxx
Bill said…
This was such a fantastic story! I just happen to love Earl Grey Tea. I have to be honest, though. I would gladly eat a gingerbread man. Oh my. What kind of a person am I?! I guess what my mother told me was true. When I asked where I came from, she said an elf dropped me off at the door. I hope you will add me into the drawing anyway. My email is: wcharlebois at gmail dot com Thank you for a wonderful time!
It's a Tea Party indeed! Very creative storytelling and must take a bite of the gingerbread man as well!

Tazas y Cuentos said…
Oh! Wonderful! You are very creative!!
Those teacup ladies...such a good idea! And it's the first time I see wooden mushrooms, so cute!
I've been visiting your very nice blog, lovely tablescape for your wedding!
Thanks for your visit.
Besos from Argentina, Silvina
Mad Madam Mel said…
Oh what a great idea for a tea party, well done, a fab story too :)
thank you for visiting my party earlier also :)
Emalina said…
Hey I like your painted tea cups, what a fun tea party!

Please come take a cuppa with me at my party, link here:

Tricia said…
Oh That was wonderful! Two of my favorite things, mystery stories and tea! I don't much like ginger bread either! What a great imagination you have!
Thanks for stopping my my post.
Happy Tea Party day!
Jorgelina said…
What a wonderful party!
Ms Misantropia said…
What a cute idea, to paint faces on tea cups!
Heather said…
Oh, how much fun! What a lovely little story and pretty creations, you've had a magical tea party here to be sure!~
Lisa said…
Tea cup people - how adorable!!! Lovely adventure!
hope you can stop by my parties!
Fair Rosamund said…
What a lovely and creative tea party, I absolutely loved Agatha ChrisTEA!! Such a fun idea and the faces on the teacups are so cute! I would love to be entered in your giveaway, thank you for the opportunity and for inviting me to your party :) ~Lauren
Thank you for hosting such a sweet Mad Tea Party! I'm happy I came. And thank you for a lovely giveaway, too! I hope that you will come and visit with me, too. http://faeriemooncreations.blogspot.com/2012/07/mad-tea-party-post-and-giveaway.html
Sincerely, Theresa :)
Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
Tami Von Zalez said…
"Kerfuffle" a new word to me. Inventive use of tableware!

Give me a visit some time ~
Laurie said…
Thanks for stopping by my party! I loved your "teacup" party! How clever! :)
Danni said…
Oh the suspense! Thank goodness the friends were able to solve the mystery. And how cute are those tea cup people? :)

Thank you for stopping by my party and inviting me to yours. xoxo
OH MY! Can I just say, I am laughing out loud! Pure brilliant creativity! The Tea cups stole me away, so funny and lovely! Perfection!!

Happy Mad Tea Partying!

♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}
Rhissanna said…
Yes please enter me into the giveaway!

Oh my,Rachel, this was brilliant! I loved the story and I adored the pictures(and the puns). Those elves! Take anything not nailed down! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment.

As for Miss White, I had a call this morning and she's been located. I hope to have her on Monday. Fingers crossed!
This is too cute. I love it!
Moonlyf said…
I wish my teacups had as much personality as yours! Thank you for such a happy post!

Sylvia Smiser said…
Hi Rachel!
Your tea party was magnificent! I would love to be included in your giveaway! Also, when you get a chance please come by and visit me for tea and a giveaway!
Micupoftea~ said…
VERY unique...what fun. I laughed out loud! Thanks for stopping by for tea. Happy Teatime~
Laurie said…
I Love Gypsy rose the most! Thank you for sharing such an amazing notion..delightful!

Please do visit my tea party!!


Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Queen Creative
Papillon Bleu said…
Ha!HA!HA!HA! I love detective stories! This one was really sweet and funny.

I hope the Gingerbread man will recover from his injuries. ;-)
Very cute story, Rachel! I am an Agatha ChrisTea fan myself, so I enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting my tea party, too! : )
What a surprising turn to your sweet soiree! I love happy endings, yet I do so love that naughty elf!
Hello to you, Rachel!
Thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom yesterday! I was too tired to do my visiting then and so I am doing it all today! What a fun and clever Mad Tea Party you had! I do so love a mystery and had to look for a second because I wasn't so sure that Sir Earl Grey was not Monsieur Poirot!!! Very fun!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your Mad Tea Party weekend!

Wendy said…
What fun What fun. Oh dear I do love a good mystery. The teacup people were simply charming and know how to throw a Tea party. I was on the edge of my seat to figure out who ate the gingerbread man's head. The next mystery will be to find out who ate one of the legs...ooops.. gotta go.
Please enter me in your lovely giveaway. I think those wooden mushrooms are absolutely wonderful.
***Please fall in for a Mad Spoonful of Tea over on The Other Side of Wonderland***
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland

Linda said…
I loved the suspense of it all. Great idea and oh so original. Thank you. please visit me:

DogsMom said…
This was exciting!
I love a good mystery.
Please do enter my name into the drawing.
Tea and a murder mysterday...simply genious!! :) Loved every bit of it, especially Earl's hat. Is it edible? ;)

Thank you for stopping by the shop.
Wonderful wishes,
Dena Miller said…
what a lovely post...so creative in your story!!!! I adore the cute painted tea cup and how you have decorated them.
Of course I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway!!!!
if I am selected you can reach me at miladyleela@gmail.com
Thanks so much for visiting me also...I am glad that you enjoyed your visit♥
Kelly said…
This takes the PRIZE for the MOST CLEVER posts yet!!! Too Cute!!!
Thank you for sharing!
Cheers, Kelly
Scrap Vamp said…
What an amazing tea party and story! Thank you for inviting me over and sharing this wonderful event!

that was certainly a fun mad tea party and you write so well. How creative you are. I am a new follower
Hi! what a cute Made Tea party post!

love it!
retta519 said…
I thought for sure it was the Grey's butler! But alas, I was wrong. Good thing Agatha ChrisTea was there to solve the mystery. Thank you for inviting me to witness this Mad Tea Party...I had a wonder-ful time.
Vixie said…
Loved your teacup people! Ingenious!
Sarah said…
Your tea party made me laugh so much! The teacup characters are brilliant, and I couldn't help laughing at the fate of the poor Gingerbread man. He doesn't have much luck in stories does he?!
Sarah :)
Kerstin Bulin said…
Nice pictures...but the gingerbread....huuuu lost his had...tztztz....have a nice day

Lisa said…
i would love to be entered into your contest! i had a lovely time!
thanks for having me
8)(8 said…
How creative and original!
Michelle said…
What a marvelously mad tea party with a crime to solve to boot! I love your tea cup people and that naughty elf. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle
Incipient Wings said…
what an amazing party you throw!!!
the tea cups are adorable!!!
Painting Apples said…
Thank you for such a lovely time! I love your tea cup faces and the elf is extraordinary! Thanks for stopping by my party earlier as well!
Lynda said…
Thank goodness that mystery has been solved! I had a lovely time at your party, thanks for the mysterious tea party! :)

Iliana said…
I love your tea party!!! It was so creative! Please eter me in your giveaway!
Charlotte said…
That is fabulous Rachel. I'm still giggling at my shocked reaction to the headless gingerbread man. I was watching the 4.50 to Paddington a couple of days ago and am clearly still caught up in the murder mystery world. You have a fabulous imagination and the teacup people look great.
Kelly said…
What a clever celebration! I love the tea cup people. Very creative!
Oh Rachel, a Agatha Christie tea party, I can´t believe it, it looks amazing! What imagination you have. We should totally live closer to each other so that we could do these things together. What a shame I missed your competition (was visiting my grandmother), but at least I have your lovely photos to look at.

And I can´t wait to show you my Midsummernights Dream costume! I will play a fairy in Oberon´s court. I have created the character myself, I´m a "key fairy", a good excuse to wear lovely jewelry with old keys!
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