Wonderings on The Simple Things

The lovely people behind Mollie Makes have brought out a gorgeous new magazine called The Simple Things.  I made sure I got my copy the day it came out and have happily been dipping in and out of it ever since.

It’s full of gorgeous photos and inspirational interviews with people who work at making their life simpler and enjoying what they have and helps you to do the same.

This is something I have aspirations towards, however, I don’t think I’m doing enough at the moment.  I always dream of the day when I have a garden large enough to keep chickens and bees, where I grow my own vegetables and have a patch dedicated to heaps of cutting flowers.  This though is a dream of the future and I’m neglecting to see what I could be doing now to live more simply and also less dependant on large corporations, supermarkets etc.

So I’ve decided to make a list of things that I could be doing more and work on introducing them into my life.

- Gather information on planting vegetables etc in pots and look what can be done to get ready for next Spring.

- Visit the local shops for meat, veg etc more often, instead of relying on the supermarket.

- Try and make more things myself.  This could be baking my own bread to, or even making new cushion covers.

- Look at buying more clothes, homeware etc from smaller businesses such as those on etsy.

- Remember to enjoy the simple things in life and enjoy what I have right now.  Things like settling down with a magazine and a warming tot of whiskey.

What about you?  Do you long for the simple life or already live it?  Do you have any tips for achieving it?


What an inspiring blogpost. I love making lists like that myself. And what an inspiring topic. I would like to make all bread myself and be better at growing my own herbs, those are some of the things I want to do. But I have been so much at home the past 10 months, and I can feel that I have a longing to do more things outside the home now, to be more active- doing things such as going to cafés that are open in the evenings and so. I´m really glad for my new job, it will be a kind of secretary job a few days each week, and it will be a great way for me to get out more :)

Oh and that magazine- could it be purchased in shops in London you think? I´m going to London next week and would love to buy that magazine then.
Re: Thank you Rachel, I will definately get that magazine when I´m in London. Oh, and this week I made my local book shop order Diary of a Witchcraft shop that you recommended.I´m really looking forward to reading it :)
Heather said…
THis looks like a wonderful magazine! I've not seen it, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!~
Jennifer said…
Hello Rachel!

Is this a UK or American magazine? Either way I want to check it out! I love your little goals. Simple things make a big difference in seeing the loveliness in the days. Especially the whiskey part ;) Thanks so much for your support over at Broomsticks and Lace, it means the world!
Hi Rachel! I bought the latest issue of this magazine in London (I think it´s a different issue than the one you show here). It´s a really lovely magazine! Perfect for the blogger-vintage-crafts kind of girls like us... :) And it´s giving me some great ideas too- I want to make the little rug using vintage fabrics, lace and things like that. In London you can so much look forward to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition in Tate, I was pretty much teary eyed when i was there.
Miss Maple said…
I'd like to get myself a copy of that magazine. It Sounds very interesting. Like you I would like to have four chickens later when I haven't got to work so much. I already grow vegetables on my terrace but would like to grow more in my garden. I like baking,cooking, crocheting and knitting, but would like to learn to sew my clothes myself. I have lots of ideas but not the knowledge. Instead I sometimes go to a talented seamstress and she makes some skirts for me according to my ideas. Have a happy and "simple" weekend.

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