Halloween Party 2012

Hello!  Hello!  Do come in. Welcome!

What's that you say?  You've been waiting outside in the cold?  I'm sorry my dear, this time of year is very busy and sometimes I get so absorbed in my work I don't hear the door.  You're in now though, that's the main thing.

Can I offer you a cake?

I've arranged a selection for you, Spooky fairy cakes, Frankenstein Fancies...

.... and my personal favourite, GingerDead Men.

 You'd like to try a GingerDead Man?  Good choice.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Now then dearie, let me get you something to drink.

I've just finished making it, especially for the occasion.  The flavour? Well it's difficult to explain, it's like a thousand fairies are dancing on your tongue with honey on their slippers.

There you go, now don't be afraid to tell me what you think. 

 Good?  I'm pleased you like it.  Oh..... yes.... don't worry about him.

He's learning to behave himself, it's taking slightly longer than I thought it would, but we've both got plenty of time, he'll come around eventually.

Are you ok dear?  You seem to have gone a little pale.  You don't feel well?  Why whatever is the matter?  Here, take a seat and don't you worry I'll look after you.  Your limbs feel funny?  Everything is stiffening.  Ahhhh it's working then.

Nothing to worry about, it's just that you'll go so well in my collection.

 I promise that you won't ever get lonely.

I'll just put you in here and you can get settled in.

This is your home now.

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha

Oh I think I hear the door........................................................


Emalina said…
What a spooky story! I love the Gingerdead men in particular nom nom nom! Thanks for having me, and Happy Halloween!

Please come party with me at my 2 different Halloween parties:



See you soon :)
Angela said…
Ohhh that goblet is amazing!! The perfect vessel for drinking special potions!! :-)

Yarni Gras! said…
hee hee, I am shrinking! I love the cookies with the bones showing!
Kyra said…
What an amazing goblet there! Fabulous party!
Denise said…
Trick or Treat!Thank you for the party,so glad I dropped by.Denise
LOL....I loved this! Very clever! :)

Happy Halloween
LOL....I loved this! Very clever! :)

Happy Halloween
Rhonda Roo said…
BWAHAHAHA!!! Beware the Ginger Dead Men!

Why do i get the feeling Hansel & Gretel may be in the kitchen?

Fun fun fun, thank you!!!

Boo From Roo xoxox
Melissa Etto said…
Thanks for the treats, loved the gingerdead men! I had a very nice time....do drop by my party sometime: http://www.melissaetto.com/?p=1782

Happy Halloween!
DogsMom said…
I should learn not to drink those potions!They are just too sweet and tempting. I promise I will learn to behave quickly.
(or not)
Marilyn said…
Delightful! Love to have some of that special drink, oh yes!

Moonlyf said…
Those ginger dead men are really great!!! Love the dolls, too... mine are still naked. I really should make them some costumes... :-) Happy Halloween!

Ms Misantropia said…
Love your goodies!

Please visit my party at: http://msmisantropia.blogspot.se/2012/10/halloween-party.html
Eeekkk....I wasn't expecting that ending! Love the story.

Gerushia's New World
Cameron said…
Yay! What a wonderful twist!
Great party....those GingerDead Men are genius! haha!

Thanks so much,
Paint Myself Pretty
Victoria said…
This was a wonderfully eerie post, sent shivers down my spine. Thanks for the scare and thanks for your comment on my party post!

Happy Halloween!
Victoria from Brushstrokes
dawaioser said…
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special event. I loved the goblet with the magnificent and elegant face.

~ Misha/DawaiOser

If you have a free moment, drop by my contribution to Vanessa's 50th Annual Halloween Blog Party. Don't you love her events? (!!)
Kelly said…
Super Creepy Cool! Pretty little coollection you have there too! Cheers!
JoAnne said…
Very cool...loved it! Happy Halloween!
QueenCreative said…
Oh no Im trapped!! But that is ok as long as you feed me your yummy GingerDead cookies every day I will be fine.

May the spooks be with you!
Debbie said…
Something a little wicked in that last laugh,, Hmm. I just stopped by on my way to make more visits, still lots more to do. Thank you for the goodies and the mmm drink? I thought the skelle men cookies were devine.
Got to Fly....
Ginger dead mean, and fairies dancing on your tongue????

I think I have fainted!!

You are so much fun!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

♥ Vanessa
Infuse With Liz said…
Ginger Dead Men!! Hahaha!! Love it...that drink sounds like a one time wonder!! :-) Fun post!
Great party! Just loved the GingerDead Men! A spooky trick and treat gathering for sure! Thanks for inviting me! :)
Hello to you, Dear Rachel!!!
You turned them into dolls!!! So...if I escape your clutches, I can go back and live with my dolls in MY dollhouse!!!! I'll just plan my escape for AFTER the spookiness is under control back there!!! Oh, and by the way, I did have something to drink once that does taste like a thousand fairies dancing on your tongue with honey on their slippers! It was called Bärenjäger! But don't drink too much of it or you won't be able to pick yourself up off the floor to dance or walk or anything else!!!!

Please check back later today and see how things turn our at The Dollhouse!!! As always, a visit from you is a delight!

Wishing you a happy blog party weekend!

Dena Miller said…
Thanks for visiting my party and I am so glad that you enjoyed my spooky tale.
Your Party was lovely too...thanks so much for inviting me♥
Linda said…
I love spooky stories...This was a great one. I loved the other guests and your sweet treats, they were so very good.
Please visit me:
Thank you so much for visiting my Party, Rachel, and for inviting me to yours! I had fun. Those treats look sooo very good! Happy Halloween!
Victoria Stitch said…
LOVE your gingerdead men! such a cool idea!
Pam @ Frippery said…
One should never accept a drink from a stranger! Love your ginger dead men. So cute.
I kept telling myself just one more party. Thats all. And look where I have ended up. Oh well. Could you pass me another one of those Ginger Dead men?
Thank you for the Wonderful party. I had a spooktacular good time. I would love for you to drop in to Wonderland for a Ghostly tale and a few Halloween treats. See ya there
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland
Anne said…
Such spooky fun!! Thank you for having me...Happy Halloween!
Victoria said…
Wonderful post..full of magic..enchantment and spookiness..love the goblet and the gorgeous dolls!
Jennifer said…
Ahhh! Creepy ending Rachel! But I loved all of your spooky treats. Gingerdead men! How cute is that?! Sorry it took me so long to get here, I've been going through the list and well, you start with a "W"!

Happy Halloween!
Susan said…
wickedly awesome and fun! loved your Ginger dead men :)

come meet my coven:)

Miss Maple said…
Wonderful, fancy, whimsical story!
Artfully Musing said…
What a delicious party - yes cakes and a drink!
Rhissanna said…
Oh my gosh! This was so funny! You wicked, wicked thing, you! The gingerbread skellies and that lovely wine goblet completely got me off my guard and wow, now I'm a cute blonde doll in your collection. There's worse fates, I suppose. (Gorgeous dolls BTW)
8)(8 said…
I love it! Such a clever story presentation. I really love the skeleton gingerbread men. Adorable. And your doll collection is amazing.

Thank you, for visiting my blog.
Oh how clever your post is, thanks so much! I had a delightful time, and wow those gingerdead men were awesome! What I wouldn't give for one now! Happy Halloween!
Sylvia Smiser said…
What fantastic treats, too bad it turned me into a doll. Now I have to figure out how to get back home. ; )
I do hope you will come by my blog for a Halloween party and giveaway.
Happy Halloween!
Oh Rachel, I love this! All the little details and those dolls. And Algernon in the bird cage :) xxx
Chrislyn said…
What a wickedly delightful story. I'm glad I didn't drink anything! But I did eat some cookies---Oh Oh!

Thanks for visiting me! Sorry for being so late--I was busy with company. I'm now following!


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