Wonderings on Felting Fairies

WooooHoooo we have made it to Wednesday evening and we are that much closer to the weekend. :-)

I've just been for a lovely little meal out with C, only to the local pub for a burger but it was yummy and it's always nice to have an unexpected middle of the week treat.

A couple of weeks ago at the craft club I go, I decided to have a go at needle felting and this fairy was the result.

I was really pleased with how she came out for a first attempt.

It was such fun first shaping her head and torso in the plain fleece and then getting to dress her up in pretty pinks and reds.

 Adding little details like a twisted belt and little flowers on her wings.

I loved creating her hair, a gorgeous bright blue plait, I wish my hair was that colour!

I found needle-felting to be loads of fun (well apart from the few times I pinned myself with the needle) and very relaxing.  In fact it's given me ideas of spinning my own fleece and making loads of little creations, I'd be like a proper Sleeping Beauty, although I wouldn't fancy sleeping for a hundred years.  Imagine all the blogs I'd have to catch up on!

This weekend I'm going to be starting putting my Halloween decorations up which I'm looking forward to.  I'll, hopefully, also be starting the preparations for Vanessa's Fanciful Twist Halloween Party which is on 27 October this year.

OH!  One last thing, what do you think about the fairy not having eyes?  The directions I followed didn't have any eyes but everybody I've shown her too keep asking where they are.  What do you think?  Eyes or no eyes?


Victoria said…
Wow..she is so enchanting..I love the color of hair too..and the braids..i always wear braids! She is beautiful and charming..super lovely post!Such talent!
Miss Maple said…
What a lovely little fairy. She looks super cute. To anwer your last question I would say: No, don't make her eyes. My kids were in a Waldorf kindergarten and they had fairies like that and they were always without eyes. Besides I think it would be very difficult to make her eyes that won't destroy the sweetness and the tenderness of this little girl. I like the poster of the Halloween Party and it would make me to go there cause it's very inviting.
(I would like to see you with blue hair)
She is so lovely! I have wanted to have a go at needle felting since it appeared on Kirstie's Handmade Britain, and yours is such an impressive first attempt.

Wow! Very cool, Rachel! I have always considered trying this, but I'm quite certain I would poke myself with the needle more than a few times! I'm currently hand-making dolls clothes for some old dolls for a special project I am working on and the needle is not my friend more days than not!!

Thank you so much for visiting me at The Tearoom and for saying such nice things about my brooches! You're right! They are perfect for everyday, not just Halloween!

I look forward to seeing you at Vanessa's Halloween Blog Party on the 27th!

Heather said…
She's beautiful! Love the blue hair! I dont think she HAS to have eyes, she's sweet as she is! Just do what you like, she's your creation!~
Ms Misantropia said…
I have this teddy bear in my shop, that also has no eyes, nose or mouth - I haven't sold one yet... I think many people think faceless is scary :)
Ms Misantropia said…
Hello Rachel!
You won my giveaway, but I can't seem to find your email anywhere... Please email me so I can send you my Halloween bottle card-giveaway!
Victoria Stitch said…
thanks for your comment on my blog- it led me to your blog which I find so interesting! i wish I knew how to needlefelt- the fairy is gorgeous. PERSONALLY as you asked, i like to see eyes on things, i think it gives them more character to have faces!
Victoria Stitch said…
... though you don't want to ruin her- i'm not sure how you'd put eyes on a needlefelted face....
I want to make felted fairies too. I think I will add some vintage button and vintage beads to mine. And thinking about it, maybe one time you and I could have a collaborative craft project together where each of us works at home on a similar project and then we share our results and experiences :)

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