Wonderings on Being Nervous and Excited!!!

Wowee what a week.  Monday saw me battling to work in horrendous traffic due to the weather and then nearly getting stuck in a flood.  The canal near to my work had burst and it wasn't until I was half way through the flood that I realised how bad it was.  My poor little car was struggling and making very worrying noises.  We made it through though, pheweeee!

On Tuesday I felt my neck starting to get more and more painful and then by the time I got home I could hardly move, it's gradually getting better but I'm still struggling with it.

Anyway, I'm sure your wondering why I'm nervous and excited, well....... tomorrow I have my very first stall at a craft fair... eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  Well, it's not entirely my own stall as I'm sharing with my friend Charlotte, who is already very experienced with these and has her own lovely etsy shop The Forgotten Library and everything.  I've been very busy making 5 elves similar to Algernon to take with me and see how I get on. 

I haven't got any photos yet but I'll be sharing some as soon as I do.

Wish me luck! :-)

Enjoy your weekends, Christmas starts tomorrow!!! :-)


Queenie Believe said…
Sending thoughts and wishes of much success and fun at your 1st show!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Victoria Stitch said…
oh wow you have some awesome pinterest boards! I just liked like a million of your pictures! thanks for directing me towards it.

Good luck with your craft fair! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully if your work is anything to go by!
Jennifer said…
Sorry to hear about your misfortune! The darn floods and neck pain. I hope all is better by now.

On a happy note, congratulations on the craft show! I've seen your lovely work before, you will do so wonderfully!
Oh, Rachel, you should visit the Alice in Wonderland church. I just investigated where Daresbury is and it´s in Cheshire in the north west of England :)

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