Wonderings on Elves and Hobbits

Finally I have found the little lead that connects my phone to the computer and I can share a couple of photos from last Saturday's craft fair with you.

I had the most brilliant day, I loved it.  Getting to spend the day with Charlotte is always fun and spending it chatting with so many different people and seeing so many different crafts on display was an added bonus.

This is how our stand looked:

And this is a close up of one of the elves:

It's definitely something I want to do more of in the New Year, I'm already coming up with ideas of things I can make and how I'd like my stand to look.

I don't know, making plans for 2013 when 2012 isn't even over yet.  There is still lots of Christmassy goodness to look forward to, including the release of The Hobbit, which we're hoping to see just after Christmas.

As I adored Lord of the Rings I was already excited about them making the Hobbit and that was doubled when they announced that the second most handsome man (the first being my C, of course!) in the world was going to be playing Thorin.

It's funny how they've managed to turn this:

Into this:

But still manage to keep him handsome.  The wonders of modern technology. :-)

Are you looking forward to the Hobbit?  Are you finding yourself with a crush on any of Tolkein's dwarfs?  Or maybe even Hobbits?


Rhissanna said…
Yes! Finally! Hot dwarves!

Wow, look at your stand of goodies! I hope you had a good time and made lots of new fans.
You pose an interesting issue. Where are the Hobbit dolls? You'd think there'd be more on the internet. Maybe we just prefer the elegant elves? I think that's a shame. Maybe I ought to look into how to make nice hairy feet?
I wrote my bachelor degree thesis in art history on The Hobbit. So I´m really into Tolkien.

Congratulations on attending the fair! You and your lovely creations so much belong to lovely craft fairs
Ms Misantropia said…
Oooh, Armitage! Though, as a dwarf? I just don't know...
Jennifer said…
Oh the stand looked so lovely! What a wonderful little elf. Etsy shop Rachel, one day please!!! :) I am so excited for the Hobbit. It's got to be my favourite book. Everytime I see the trailer on tv I get so excited. Unfortunately it's out of the day of my first exam.
Victoria Stitch said…
you know what i did see this post and for some reason didn't comment- i think I might have been in a rush or something becasue I meant to say how amazing your elf looks! I hope you managed to sell some! I watched lord of the rings for the first time very recently and couldn't believe how I had never seen it before- it's so good!!!
Cameron said…
Legolas did it for me in the Lord of the Rings....but, I'm always open to new crushes....haha!

So glad you enjoyed your show! I always looked forward to them :)
Jess said…
I hope to see the film! Yes that is quite a transformation isn't it? I'm quite partial to long hair though. ;)
Happy christmas Rachel!
Jess x
Jennifer said…
Hi Rachel, I can't seem to get the blog button to work for my facebook so I thought I'd drop by with my link over here if you want to add me. www.facebook.com/jennifer.labelle
Charlotte said…
So it seems I'm about a month late finding this (I'm sure December is on fast forward). My kind of post - I love the way our stall is linked with The Hobbit and the handsome Mr Armitage :) I really loved doing this fair, great company and your elves are so cute. I look forward to seeing what wonderful creations you make in 2013.

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