Wonderings on a New Year and a New Ritual

Happy New Year!

Can you still wish somebody a happy New Year on the 7th January?  Does it still count as a new year?  I hope so, I still can't believe Christmas has finished.

As I mentioned last New Year, I have a little ritual where I take 12 candles to represent each month.

Then I spend a few minutes meditating over each month and what I'd like to achieve throughout the year.

Lighting the candles as I go and writing down my thoughts.

It's a wonderful start to a new year and provides me with some time to think over how I'm living my life and what could be done better, whilst also thinking over the positives and what I enjoy.

Hummm, not sure why I thought there was a good point for the Baileys pic, although sometimes you can't beat settling down with a glass of alcoholic creamy goodness.

Anyway, I digress.  One of the things I've been noticing whilst catching up on some new year blogs is that a number of lovely ladies have been coming up with an inspiration word for 2013.  Something that will help encourage them throughout the year.  What a great idea and of course I couldn't resist coming up with a word of my own.

I mused over it for a little while, thinking about what I want to achieve this year and how I'd like my life to go in general and the word I came up with was STEP.

It doesn't sound like a very exciting word but it encompasses a few different things.

1.  I'd like to take further steps towards selling my crafty items, making more elves and developing other ideas I have whirling around, setting up an Etsy shop and going to more craft fairs.

2. It probably sounds like a bit of a cliche but I am concerned about my carbon footprint (step!) and need to be more conscious about the environment.  This is something I already try to do but still think that I can improve it further.

3.  Try and live and work in a way that is more true to myself.  I believe that the steps we take on our wibbley wobbly journey through life leave footprints (not just the carbon kind) behind long after we have gone and so we should try our best to ensure the prints that we leave are as loving and magical as possible.

Here's hoping 2013 is full of the love, magic and steps we all desire.


Jennifer said…
That is a really lovely little ritual :) Can't blame you for leaving the Bailey's in the shot, so delicious!!! I really can't wait for you to set up an Etsy shop! I love your creations so much.
Victoria said…
Yay..what a beautiful post..i love your ritual..gorgeous photos..so symbolic and magical..I can totally relate..I often pick a symbol for each month too..either an oracle card/rune..something i am drawn to..or a bag of random symbols i have collected and one is drawn for each month as a meditation! Fun stuff! i love yours ..very beautiful! Beautiful art too..and I love the word you chose! Shine on..wishing you much magic ahead and many blessings for 2013!
Cameron said…
This is fantastic, Rachel! I may have to steal, er, I mean borrow this little ritual if you don't mind....haha!

I have been thinking of my word for the new year, and this bit of "quiet time" seems like the perfect way to re-inforce it. Thank you for the inspiration!

I think Step is a poignant word....for the journey of a lifetime begins with a step :)

Here's to a magical 2013 ahead....with lots of little Bailey's moments, too...heehee ;P
Charlotte said…
What a beautiful ritual. I burn wishes on New Year's Eve or Day but I like the 12 month plan you have here.

Step is an excellent word. I love your drawing. A very positive and inspiring lady.
Rhissanna said…
What a lovely ritual and what an inspiring post. Yes, a word for a year is a good idea.

As for Etsy, yes! Set up a shop.
Ms Misantropia said…
It's always a good time for Bailey's!
I LOVE rituals - and this is a lovely ritual! I also love the word you have chosen to focus on this year. I measure everything against my word (JOY!). Thank you for stopping by my little blog and leaving a friendly comment - good luck in your plans for opening an Etsy shop - I have had plans to do so for some time now, too. I don't know what holds me back...oh - and it is ALWAYS a good time for Baileys! Yum!

Joyfully, Donna
Sara said…
So inspiring to read about your hopes and aspirations. And you so deserve that Baileys. :)

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