New Blog and New Shop!

Finally I have done it!  After a lot of hard work I have opened an Etsy Shop.  I'm so excited!

I've got three of my elves in there at the minute.  Let me introduce you too:

Old Ben

Louis Van Wolfwink

Oskar Bruinir

I also updated my blog with a new name and header to reflect the changes, plus I've added a button that links straight to the shop.

I've also set up a facebook page Link.

Now, I think it is definitely time for a cup of tea! :-)


Queenie Believe said…
Your elves are wonderful!!! Congratulations on all the hard work. Wishing you all the best and much success... And a delightful cuppa!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Charlotte said…
They are fabulous, I love the stripy stockings.
Thank you for the lovely comment on my story.
Victoria said…
Yay Many Congrats..wishing you success and joy! Your creations are so fantastic..soulful and beautiful...and such magical photos outside! Shine on!
Jo said…
Ah, your blog is lovely and I adore your fairy doll creations. Gorgeous work! :-)
I will visit your new shop!
Thanks for visiting my page. I am now following you and I see you are on facebook too, see you there as well.
Have a good weekend,
Jo. x
Dear Rachel,
You have been so busy! Congratulations on the opening of your shop! I love your sweet little elves (and I especially love Mr. Van Wolfwink's last name!!!!). I am now following your shop from all three of my Etsy shops and have changed the name of your blog in my blog roll! Whew!

I wanted to thank you so much for your visit to The Tearoom and your comment!! You really should try your hand at digital collages, I'm sure you would love it! Please let me know when you have something put together you are happy with, as I would love to see what you would dream up!

Stay well and I'm wishing you a productive and creative day!

Ms Misantropia said…
Good luck with your new shop!
Linda said…
Oh wow I love these guys!!! Congrats to you on your store as well...I will definitely be checking out your store...:)
They are great Rachel :) Thank you for the link to your shop - added as fav. Love & light Trace xoxo
Sara said…
Thank you so much Rachel for your wonderful comment. And it´s amazing that you have opened an etsy shop. I have so little money now (I just quit my job since the terrible boss harassed me for things such as wearing a pine cone wreath as the one that you see in the picture in my blog..)- but when I have a full time job again I will definately buy a fairy from you :)

Life, light, love and liberty to you!xxx

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