Summer is the Time for Tea Parties

I'm late!!!!

I received my invitation, sent my reply and then drifted away on a dream of summer tea parties.

I do, of course, mean that I am yet to tell you that the time has arrived for Vanessa's annual mad tea party.  I'm sure by now everybody has already received their invitation and is busy plotting and planning a veritable feast of tea party delights.  I can't wait!!


I had my own mini tea party a couple of weeks ago, back when the sun was shining.


I made Madeleines for the first time ever.  Yummy, yummy, yum yum! 

It seemed only right then to serve them along with tea in my favourite tea pot.

It's woodland themed and has a twig handle, spider web and other gorgeous delights.  When I found it in the antique shop last year it was love at first sight. 

Oh dear, do excuse the slightly *ahem* well done looking Madeleine, I really should have hidden that one at the bottom. :-)

Ok, well it's such a lovely evening, it does seem a shame to spend any longer on the computer.  Time to sit and enjoy the last of the day's sunshine.  It's been grey and rainy for the past week or so, we have to make the most of summer while we can here in the UK. :-)

I have so much to share with you.  Prepare to be bombarded by wolf pictures shortly.


Cameron said…
You made your own madeleines?! *drool*
I love them, too!

I am so bummed to have to miss the Tea Party this year! It is usually earlier in the year, but it has coincided with our annual long Summer Vacation :(

Ah, poo!

Well, I know yours will be smashing! Please clink a glass for me :P
Rhissanna said…
Ohh! Home made madeleines! How lovely! And a crabstock teapot! I love the colours, all summery and refreshing and perfect for tea on the lawn, under the apple trees. I'll bring my hat, and the scones and strawberry jam and cream.

Thank you for popping over to my doll blog and merci beaucoup for making such a sweet comment!
Sara said…
I will participate in the A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party too :) Really looking forward to that and to seeing your photos from that!

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