OWooooooooo (I think that's a howl)

Ha, did you know that if you google the spelling of the sound a wolf makes when it howls, there are actually loads of opinions on it?  I had a proper giggle reading all the different types from aaawoooo, AWuuuuu to ooOOOOoooo.  I could just imagine people sitting at their desks making various wolf howls.  I know I was.  Admit it, you're doing it now aren't you? :-)

My sponsored wolf, Motomo, lives in Beenham, Reading with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.  They have four enclosures that house 10 "Ambassador wolves" and provide financial support for wolf conservation around the World.

C and I had such a wonderful time at the Open Day.  We managed to get there pretty early so took advantage of the photography platform to take some pictures of the gorgeous Artic Wolves.

We had to wait patiently as they were doing laps of their enclosure, but it was certainly worth it.

They have a lovely pool, I bet they're making the most of it now in this hot weather.

Although it got a lot busier, I also managed to find a wonderful spot where I was perfectly placed to get a good view of Motomo, who is rather shy.  I spotted him hidden in the trees and waited for him to come out.

He legged it up a hill where I'm sure he thought nobody could see him.

Getting comfortable....


Feeling sleepy now....

OOOO and I got a lovely surprise in the Hug a Husky enclosure, I almost missed these little cuties, fast asleep.

There was also a Bird of Prey display.  I always find these funny as almost every time I've watched one it hasn't gone according to plan and at least one of the birds flies off for a bit.

It truely was such a wonderful day, one I'm sure we'll look back on for years to come.

Oh, as an aside.  We were a little earlier getting to Beenham and so we stopped off at a lovely little church for a wander around.  While there I came across the most intriguing grave stone.

It's not very often in this country that you come across a stone like this one.

If you look at the close up, it's the most beautiful mosaic work.  There is something quite bohemian about it.

Unfortunately you can no longer read the name or anything on it apart from it was somebody who died around 1870.  It's a real shame as I'd love to know the story behind the person with such a beautiful stone.

I think I'll do some internet investigative work, see if anybody else knows anything about it.  If you have any clue please do let me know!


Ms Misantropia said…
Beautiful creatures! And they look so happy running around and lounging in the sun.
Victoria said…
Wow..such a stunning post..and a visual feast for the eyes and heart and spirit..I too love wolves...these images are spectacular and so soulful! Gorgeous tombstone..so beautiful and meditative..
Thanks for sharing your magical world!
Hugs and blessings ..and massive sparkles to you!
Sara said…
Wolves and the most beautiful crosses... the world is truly magickal.

We have to follow the auction of the beautiful Rossetti painting. I didn´t know it was up for sale. I just can not imagine being in a life position to buy beautiful pre-raphaelite art,, I wonder how it feels to actually buy those paintings...
Sara said…
... the auction of Rossetti´s Prosperino will be on the 19th of november, in Sothebys in London...
Jennifer said…
This is incredible! What a day of adventures you must have had. Wolves are the most amazing creatures. There's actually a group of people trying to breed the dire wolf back into existence, which is pretty scary and controversial if you ask me.


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