An (Almost) Free Range Human

I quit my job!  Finally I did it, after months and months of thinking and planning I bit the bullet and handed in my notice.

I had reached the end of my tether.  I was totally bored in a job with no chance of progression or achievement.  It was effecting the way I felt outside of work and hindering my ability to be a fully functional creative human being.  Quite honestly I felt like it was killing me slowly, bit by bit every day.  I was turning into a shell of myself and if I didn't do something about it, all that would remain would be a cold grey shadow where once a vibrant woman used it be.  I know it sounds melodramatic, but it's true.

I don't finish until the end of September, but just knowing that I'm leaving as made me feel a whole lot better.  I haven't had a constant headache for days at time which was becoming quite a regular occurrence.

I don't have another job to go to yet but I have plans, lots of plans.  Some of them are doable, some of them are far off in the future, might never happen plans, but it's the first time in a long time that I've had ambitions with regard to my working future and it feels amazing!

I'm not denying that I'm going to have to work super hard and that there will be struggles but as long as I stay true to myself, that is the most important thing.

After I handed in my notice I discovered the book Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell.  It's been great to have an affirmation on what I'm doing and also a great motivator.  I'm all for giving people the power and confidence to change the status quo for the better and I do think the current mode of 9-5 office work is becoming out dated.

One of the things I'll be able to focus on more is getting Titania's Tea Party properly up and running.  I'm looking at booking quite a few craft fairs from October onwards and getting more things in to my Etsy shop.  In fact, I added a couple of new art dolls last week, which I totally forgot to blog about.

I'm really rather proud of them because I drew the pattern myself and they actually turned out how I had envisioned them in my head.

I have Beatrice who is a pink-haired lacy lady. :-)

I hand sewed various pieces of antique lace to her body to give her a romantic vintage look.


I am completely smitten with her pink hair.  I would love pink hair one day, even if it is only for a day.  Although after process I had to go through to get the purple out of my hair recently, it certainly isn't a look I'll be going for any time soon.

The second doll is my wild woodland girl Eleanor. 

I used vintage lace on her as well but this time I painted it in green, brown and bronze. She has a couple of extra little touches too, like her little leather, fairy embellished belt.

Eleanor's hair is a fiery red, like the leaves in the woodland in autumn.

Both girls are in my Etsy Shop now.

Have a lovely weekend. xxx


Prudence said…
Live Authentic, at the end you are remembered by your deeds not your JOB! The world is better with you happy and at peace In It! huge hugs...♥Debi
Thanks Debi. I love the idea of living Authentic, what a great thought. xx
Ms Misantropia said…
Congratulations on cutting the tethers that were holding you down! It is a sad and common occurrence, people being so afraid of the unknown they'd rather suffocate in their created prisons. It takes a brave soul to break free. Good luck!
Jennifer said…
Ah yay I am so proud of you! I remember last summer you helped me through my dull office job by empathizing. Hopefully a freer path awaits you. Gorgeous dolls by the way.
Cameron said…
Oh Rachel! I'm so glad to hear you are fired up and dreaming and planning.....and smiling again!
I'm sure you'll find something way better for you now that you are free to search for it :)

Look at your dolls! Those are great! I've been sketching out dolls, too....just haven't been brave enough to try yet....heehee!

Sending you big hugs of encouragement!
Victoria said…
Yay kindred..many new powerful blessings and sparkles to you and all of your new endeavours and plans ahead! What a fantastic feeling for you to know you have set your spirit free and now can live in a way that deeply honors you..shine on! The book you described sounds great..I can relate..I work for myself, live a different kind of life and my choices have nourished my spirit! Best wishes in all that you do!
And wowness..I love your dolls..they carry beautiful energy and are such gorgeous magical souls! The clothing is stunning too..beautfully done!

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