A Dystopian Future?

Sometimes it feels like the World is teetering over the edge of a great abyss and two groups are fighting over what happens to it. 

On the one hand you have the corporations, politicians and money men who are all trying to push it over, knowing that once it falls they will have full control over the World and its people, able to exploit it completely for power and profit.

Then you have the free-thinkers who can all see where the world is heading and are trying their hardest to stop it.  They pull at the World trying to make their voice heard, trying to get her people to see and understand what is happening. 

It seems though that each time their voice is heard and a victory is won another battle rears its head, bigger and harder to fight.

I try and do what I can to get my voice heard, I sign petition after petition, I tweet and retweet and I support various charities.  Sometimes there are victories, like the vote against action in Syria and others not.  I am reduced to tears as, despite the public outcry and lack of scientific evidence, the badger cull goes ahead and reports are made about them being hunted by dogs and the sounds of their screams are apparently filling the air.

Today, I read that a major chemical company is suing Europe after they banned the use of certain pesticides that it is believed are killing off the bees.  You don't have to look far to find out that the decline in the bee population is of great concern and whatever can be done to halt this decline should be.  The idea that a Company not only feels large enough to sue a whole Continent but also wants to continue practices that could destroy the World baffles me. 

The fight for Womens equality continues.  Men still think that they have the right to control our bodies, our minds and our ambitions, yet a new wave of feminists are speaking out, demanding to be heard and asking why if young women lambasted for being over-sexualised are men not also being held to account?

Quite honestly, I look at the World today and I feel quite scared for the future.  I have visions of a Dystopia, in which our beautiful environment has been destroyed and its people are kept like cattle, free speech and activism are forbidden.  In fact, when I think about it, it almost makes the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse seem like the happy ending. ;-)

It's difficult when all these terrible things are stuck in your brain, to not feel entirely helpless.  To not want to retreat to your bed and cry because you are just one Women without a clue on how to save the World.

I know what your thinking "Hey Rach, I thought this was supposed to be a blog about fairies and tea parties, if I wanted depressing I'd turn on the news", and in all honestly I was in two minds on whether to even write this down, let alone publish it.  I felt that I had to though, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this is my blog and in some ways a mini diary, so to avoid something that is taking up such a huge part of my brain at the moment would almost seem like I was lying to myself.

Secondly, there is something quite cathartic about writing things down, spilling your guts onto a piece of paper or computer screen helps you to put your thoughts in order and work out what to do about them.

Thirdly, I guess I was curious to see if anybody else ever has similar thoughts?  Am I alone in my ideas of a desolate future where the bad guys win?  Does anybody else ever feel majorly disappointed in themselves for not being able to take on the World's problems and solve them?

I suppose, what I'm hoping is that I'm not alone in this.  That one lone Woman doing what she can actually turns out to be hundreds of thousands of Women all around the World doing what they can, because if that is the case, we might get a happy ending after all.


Prudence said…
No blogfriend you are not alone. I as well have the same feelings and thoughts and built up frustrations/anger on the direction of humanity...my parents and grandparents ranted at the 6oclock news on the world going to hell in a handbasket...well Ive turned into them except im feeling Hell's heat!
We can only live our lives against the big companies..and corrupt politicians and trends that are destroying us and our young. We are the largest demographic in history at one time and growing...this is power, not apathy. Money is the fuel so I for one with meger funds will not be part of any of it...think if more did the same?
Now....thank who ever, for each breath and love yourself for not being a sheep! love Debi
Babylon Sisters said…
You are SO not alone - I worry about all of these things! This is a great post with lots to think about...
Victoria said…
Hugs, I think it is wonderful that you share what's on your mind and heart..very powerfully written. I too worry for the bees, they are such a gift and others do not really realize the work they do in nature for us all to simply eat nature's food! Yes there are many things in the world that can dishearten a person..but in giving our energy to the positive and supporting the goodness being created we can shift and change the world.. I always try to remain grounded in love and awake in hope and centered in the positive...I feel we can amplify positive changes by strengthening mass-universal consciousness..and I always try to remember too, that there are So many young empowered minds and even many creative-kids out there creating positive changes in the world as we speak..so I choose to lend my energy-spirit and mind to that positive-direction ..instead of the negative which pulls us down into hopelessness. I think we can build new thinking and make changes on all levels..seen and unseen..I am always willing to try and create goodness...it does eventually help in some way. And regarding deeper issues, we simply must continue to love and support one another and help those in need or become empowered so that others may follow!
Hugs to you kindred..thanks for sharing and inspiring!
Ms Misantropia said…
I am right there with you. As my blog name suggests I loathe and fear humans, what we do to each other and to this world. I think any intelligent person should be very afraid of the future...
I used to want to be the person who joined things and protested things and helped to change the world. But considering how I have a problem talking to a group of more than three people at a time, that never happened. ;o)

So now I just try to make my little part of the world a kinder, gentler place. And I firmly believe, as you hope, that if every person does just that little bit, it can't help but make this world a better place. Huh, that sounds like a song, doesn't it? Make this world a better place - I think I should put some music to that. :P
Jennifer said…
I feel so similar to you. I think many of us artsy people do. I think this may be why I am so introverted and content to tuck myself into this perfectly shaped little world that I have made for myself. Some of us just are more sensitive and can not handle the harsh external influences. It is truly an artist thing and it is to be cherished!

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