Birthday Treat


As it's my Birthday today I decided that I'd offer a 20% discount in my Etsy Shop.  You just need to use the code MAGIC1 anytime between now and the 7th February.

I had a lovely day eating cake with my Mum and sister.  Now I'm going to settle down, eat curry and watch Jack the Giant Slayer.

Enjoy your weekend. :-)


Happy Birthday, Rachel!! :o)
Oh Rachel! Much love and a belated happy birthday to you!!

We are very lucky to have snow here. I understand what it is like for you who don´t have any snow yet; winter can be so dull and slightly despressin then. It´s the snow that males winter special. What I like a lot about England is all the greenary such as ivy that you have in the winter. I miss that in Sweden.

Jennifer said…
Darn it I missed your birthday! Happy late Birthday you lovely lovely lady! You are so wonderful!
Hello Dear Rachel!
I'm so glad to know you had a nice birthday! Thank you so much for stopping by The Tearoom!! It is always such a pleasure to see you!!

Sending you a late birthday hug,

Victoria said…
yay..Happy B-lated Birthday..hope you had a magical time! Wishing you many Birthday Sparkles and Blessings all year long!
Ruthie Redden said…
Happy belated Birthday wishes. and congrats on the upcoming stall, it will be a magical event Im sure x

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