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I missed you guys, I got so swept up in preparation for the Glastonbury Faery Fayre (which was wonderful) that I lost track of time and now I'm about 4 weeks behind on my blog reading.  So don't think it odd if you suddenly start getting lots of comments from me. :-)

Anyway, one of the things that I've been meaning to share with you is my love for a new magazine.  Now, I pretty much gave up on magazines ages ago.  They never seem to have more than one article that interests me and I cannot stand all the adverts or the pressure to look/behave a certain way.  A few weeks ago I discovered Daphne's Diary and it's like no other magazine I've found before.

It has lovely little diary snippets about Daphne's life with her family, now I have no idea if Daphne is real or even keeps a diary but it's a lovely segment.  I loved the part on the Dark Brown Briefcase, it really made me smile.

There was a section on Jane Austen that was not only gorgeous to look at but informative too.

 I mean what other magazines tell you about Regency dancing?

It also has articles on beautiful shops..

Interior decorating,

Recipies for food and toiletries.

It's definitely on my "must read" list.  In fact I think that the next issue is probably out already and I haven't got it yet, will have to remedy that in the next few days.

I have a few other lovely discoveries to share with you but I'll save that for the next blog post. :-)


I've got two issues of it now ... it's a nice little magazine. I haven't even started reading it yet; so far I've just been looking at all the pretty pictures!:)
Jennifer said…
Thank you for sharing this, it's so beautiful! I've never see such a lovely magazine! I always think of women's magazines like Glamour and Cosmo as being so tawdry, not realizing there are beautiful things like this out there too!
This looks like a very fun magazine! I've really given up magazine reading because in my teeny tiny spot on the map there is no place to buy any decent ones!

Thank you for stopping in at The Tearoom for a chat! It's always such a pleasure to see you there! As for the Grand Hotel Budapest, we probably won't get to see it in a theatre and will have to just buy it when it comes to DVD! But it does look like so much fun!

Wishing you a lovely day!
OH! And I'm glad to know the Glastonbury Faery Fayre went well! Will you be writing more about that?

Thsi magazine seems to be the coziest. I would love to read more about the Glastonbury Fairy Fayre, I am so curious about that. I wish you a beautiful Ostara Rachel.

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