A Place for Maiden Fair and Knights of Old

Hidden from view not far from Bakewell in the Peak District (Derbyshire) is the medieval manor house Haddon Hall.

Once you go through the doors you enter the courtyard and finally get a bit more of an idea about the hall.

It's a beautiful building with parts dating back to the 12th century, it has a wonderfully romantic feel.

There are climbing roses all over the building reminding me of Sleeping Beauty.

I think that roses make anything beautiful, although Haddon doesn't really need much help with that.

We were lucky that the weather held for most of the day and the Elizabethan gardens were teaming with life (and not just the human variety).

Don't you think this would be the perfect spot for afternoon tea?

I loved the little wooden doors that were dotted around.  Where did they lead to?

Had they ever be used for secret romantic assignations? Oh they must have been.

The views were also wonderful.

Finding a bench to sit and take it all in, it wasn't difficult to imagine a Tudor lady and gentleman spending their afternoon walking around the gardens.

The inside of the house was just as wonderful and fascinating, but given that I've already bombarded you with a number of photos I think I'll save that for the next blog post.


Queenie Believe said…
Wow, absolutely beautiful.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Ms Misantropia said…
Oh my, it's beautiful - and somehow familiar... There must have been a BBC show or movie filmed there, right?
Laura said…
How lovely! I could sit there for hours! Thank you for sharing!
Simply amazing - I can hardly wait for the interior pictures! :)
Jennifer said…
VERY excited for the pictures of the inside, that is an amazing place. I was thrilled to be able to visit castles when I was in Ireland a few summers ago, other than that our oldest buildings are in Quebec and are from the 17th century! This is so beautiful, I'd love to be able to freely explore it, but I'm sure that's not allowed :P
Love this post! What a beautiful place, please post the pics of the inside soon, I want more! Your posts are never too long, but of course this is by comparison to my own blog which has novel length posts! Haddon sounds familiar. I believe I've read about it in connection to Queen Elizabeth the first. Wasn't there a close friend/family to the Queen by the name of Haddon?
Thank you for your lovely blog!
What lovely photos! I can't wait to see more! Did I remember that you and your husband had your anniversary recently? Also, I'm very excited to see that you are signed up for The Mad Tea Party!!!

Wishing you a lovely day,


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