Last Minute Looney....

.... is what I am.  Always been the same, dawdle around, reading books and enjoying the sunshine until suddenly.... eek!  I've got a craft fayre next weekend and have no where near enough stuff ready.  To make matters worse, well I say worse but it's actually a good thing, I'm working all week at my new temporary job. I'm loving it and would love tell you all about it but I can't, because I signed a confidentiality agreement saying I wouldn't share anything on social media.  Oooo get me, Mrs secretive! It's lots of fun though.

Anyway, I've finally managed to pull my finger out and wanted to share some of my work with you.

I've had this doll almost finished for ages, all I needed to do was finish her hair and sew her witches hat on.

This is my Mori Girl/Woodland lover box.  I've been so inspired recently by the Japanese fashion of both Mori Girl and Dolly Kei.  Not sure if this will sell though, I'm not sure if the people of Derby will get it.

It's a vintage box that I've filled with: A bottle of woodland moss, vintage lace on a bobbin, a dried flower brooch with tea charm and a vintage deer.

Today I've been working on finishing these off.

Decorated vintage bottles and recycled jars.

I love these, they're my fungi trolls

I've not updated my Etsy shop for a while because I'm saving everything for this fair, but anything that's left will be added to my shop afterwards.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


ps Oooo forgot to say, I'm so looking forward to the annual A Fanciful Twist Tea Party.  No idea what i'm going to do yet though.


Victoria said…
Oh wowness kindred!!! Such a fantastical and beautifully sublime post...your creations spark my soul! how I love all of your magical the vintage box of moss and baby fawn figurine..I collect little ones too! I love your doll and the silver colors she is adorned blissful and poetic! I am enchanted and have made my day! Many Congrats to you on all of your news.. and wishing you a wonderful time at the craft fair!! Yay!!!
Hugs and blessings
Laura Morrigan said…
Wow, I adore everything you made! I love that witch doll, her dress is lovely and she looks so kind and magical! I love the Mori girl box, I am very drawn to Mori and nature inspirations! I love the wheat you found and the moss in the bottle! I have always loved the texture of moss! What a lovely collection of things! So much inspiration there! Thanks so much for sharing these!
Jennifer said…
The little fungi trolls! OH I just love everything so much! Especially Miss Witch, my goodness she is beautiful! many lovely things to buy! Wish I lived close to go to the craft fayre!! I do so love your witch doll! And congratulations on your new job!! Can't wait to see you at The Mad Tea Party! I'm hard at work on mine!

Linda said…
Wow how very lovely.. I love that you made everything. Oh how original. Thank you for having me.
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