Crafting Blooming Howls - Witches in Fiction 2014

For at Midnight when good girls depart, that is when the witches' ball starts.

The night is clear and the stars shine bright in the sky, a cold frost has settled on the ground.

Looking out into the distance she smiles to herself as her ears catch the soft strain of the music starting to play.  A shiver of excitement runs through her body as she grips her broom ready to launch into the night.

The witches' ball is starting.


Pheweee!  Talk about last minute, I wasn't sure I was going to be ready for Magaly's blog hop Witches in Fiction 2014.  When she first announced a blog party for people to create and share their fiction, crafts, art etc which included witches and magic I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I've had this painting unfinished and just hanging around for over a year now and it was time to get it finished.  I have to admit though life was full of distractions.  Work, illness, playing Shadow of Mordor all got in the way of me finishing but I finally got it finished at around 3pm today, just in time!  Of course that meant that the light was really starting to fade and I haven't been able to take any decent photos but hey ho.

Just want to say a big thank you to Magaly as I've really enjoyed myself painting my little witch and I probably would have never started again if it hadn't have been for her motivation. :-)

Really looking forward to seeing all the other posts.  Hope you are enjoying the season!


Ash - Lynn said…
Your painting is lovely, it's seriously good.
Jennifer said…
Rachel I love it! Gorgeous painting! I don't know if I've ever seen any paintings of yours before, you should absolutely make many more, you are so talented!
Debi said…
This is exactly how it looks! AMAZING AND ENCHANTED! Have a " Howling" time!
Timothy Brannan said…
That is a really cool painting.

I wish I could do artistic things like that.

Stopping by from the Crafting Blooming Howls blog hop!
Very pretty painting. I love the juxtoposition of the textures on the natural objects (moon, mountains) with the man made ones. Lovely work.
Fox and Dragon said…
I love your color choices, and your composition. The imagery is very well balanced. Absolutely gorgeous!

-the Artful White Fox
Twinflame Studios
Magaly Guerrero said…
She is such a beauty, Rachel--the fact that we don't see her face (she can be anyone letting her bad girl out), love the colors and the way you are displaying it at the end. Precious!
Judy said…
Glad you were able to get the painting is really nice...
B.R. Marsten said…
An impressive bit of art. I love how it feels so layered, like you're looking INTO it rather than at it. And of course, the subject is just perfect. Really wonderful!
DogsMom said…
Magaly is quite the motivator, isn't she.
Even with life getting in your way you have proved your talent well - both in paint and words.
Even with more monochromatic tones you have shown the specialness of the evening.
Eliora said…
Rachel I love your style. This is fabulous!
Laura Morrigan said…
What a beautiful artwork! And great work getting it done with everything else going on!
Doesn't it feel yummy to get something finished that has been staring back at you. What a gem this is. Love the muted color choice and also that "she" faces away from the viewer.....intriguing. THanks for sharing your talent, Oma Linda
knusperhaus said…
Love the selection of color for the artwork!
Gina said…
Wan't that dress AND to go to the ball :D XXX
Victoria said…
Hi kindred...beautiful..your art is stunning, atmospheric and carries a real powerful vibe! I love her dress, i would totally wear that!What a fun blog-hop! and very cool last image..the black skull and pumpkin look enchanting!
hugs and sparkles to you
Ps: glad to hear you are feeling better!
Magaly Guerrero said…
Hi Rachel, you won one of the Witches in Fiction giveaways. Please stop by the post for details:
Hello Dear Rachel!
I love your painting and especially the dark and atmospheric colors you used! I also love spider-web overlay on her dress! Very cool!

Can't wait to see you at Vanessa's blog party on Saturday and thank you, as always, for your visit to The Tearoom and for signing up to win the giveaway there!!

Hugs to you,
Ms Misantropia said…
I love the colors you used, soothing yet spooky!

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