The Haunted Tea Party

Oh, hello there.  Are you here for my party?

  I feel like I've been waiting forever and yet no one else has arrived.

Do come in and sit down, can I interest you in a drink?  I have some lovely sherry.

No?  How about a piece of cake.

OH NO!  Coco do get down, our guest was just about to have that cake.

You are such a naughty dog.

Come on, back to mama.

That's better my darling boy, what am I going to do with you?

Oh our guest, I'd completely forgotten you were there, do excuse me.  Are you sure you wouldn't still like the cake? Me?  Oh no dear, I'm more than happy with my tea, thank you.

I don't suppose you could help me with something?  It seems like I've been waiting so long for people to arrive I've forgotten what the party was for.  Could you help me to remember?

Which parts can I recall?

The cook was busy in the kitchen preparing the cake.

She'd worked so hard on it, and practiced it so many times.

   I remember her telling me it was going to be the best cake she had ever made.

I remember all the people rushing around setting up the table, arranging the flowers.

I can still smell the roses.

It was all looking so beautiful and glistening in the candlelight.

It doesn't appear to be the same anymore, why is that?

What happened to the people, why does everything look so old?  I'm confused?

What else can I remember?  I think there was a man, but his name escapes me.  Do you know it?

Oh it's all so hazy.  There was excitement and joy but then anger, such rage and then pain and blood.  Why is there so much blood?  What....... Who...........

Oh, hello there, are you here for my party?


Hello!  I hope you enjoyed my little haunted tea party story.  It goes without saying but a huge thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist.

Really looking forward to visiting all your parties.



Oooh! Rachel! Such a beautifully spooky party you planned here today! I love your characters so much! And the treats were lovely (even the ones that had a couple of toothy marks on them, oh well!)

Biggest hugs to you and wishing you a wonderful and spooky Halloween!!!!

Chrislyn said…
Such a hauntingly beautiful story. Gave me goosebumps !Coco is very cute--even without any hair.
Thanks for stopping by my party!
Happy Halloween!

Ms Misantropia said…
Oooh, this party is my favorite so far! Lovely! I'm just concerned how you are going to eat all that yummy stuff with all the cobweb on it :)
Rett said…
Oh dear....I think I may have the wrong house....I was looking for Miss remind me of her...but I believe I'm mistaken. Thank you for your generous invite to have cake and tea...but I'll be on my way now. Good doggie *attempts a pat on the head of Coco*
Christina Paul said…
Enchanting! Your cake is fabulous - lovely and eerie- and that dog skeleton! I echo the above comments- looks just like a scene from great expectations! Cheers!
Happy Homebird said…
Like a ghostly Miss Havisham, beautiful lady and such a sweet dog. May Halloween bring you all the cake you desire xx
Magaly Guerrero said…
I think your mysteriously spooky lady has just given me an idea for my Halloween costume!
Nicole said…
Rachel what a wonderfully spooky party. So sad about the wait...I don't mind moldy cobwebby cake! Even if Coco did nab a bite...:)
Denise said…
So clever.Spooky but kinda cute with such humor-I enjoyed :)
Holly said…
What a lovely web you weave, I enjoyed the colors and decor.
jinxxxygirl said…
OH! How wonderful!!I have a cat just like your dog! Spooky!! And that lady is wonderful. Thank you so much for partying Hugs! deb
DogsMom said…
I am glad I am not reading your post late at night, all alone.
I want to compliment you on your makeup.
It still looks fresh.
However does Coco get up on that table?
dawaioser said…
Just fabulous! I love this tale and Miss Havisham's story is one of my favorites. You've done a spectacular job with the eerie tablescape and setting, also the pink bow on your dog is brilliant, lol! ';)

Now I'm off to visit the other parties and find some more Tricks-and-Treats.
Here's the link for my Sp0oKy event, after all, everyone needs a fright on Halloween, right? Mwhahahaha! ';)
Victoria said…
Such a lovely, haunting, but sad tale...and rather scary! I enjoyed reading it. Have a Happy Halloween...


Victoria from Brushstrokes
Kelly said…
Ohhh.... this was just Chilling and sad and sooo AWESOME to look at!!! You really hit a Halloween nerve with this spooktacular story and visuals!!! Thank you for the thrill!!! Cheers! ;)
Shell said…
A deliciously spooky Halloween story. Beautifully done.
Kim said…
Very spooky, but in such a great way. Loved the party and the cake, and I especially loved the skeleton pup. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you can stop by our party:

Happy Halloween!
Oooooooooooo, Rachel, that was perfection! Spooky, enchanting eye candy! I love all of it. Too bad I can just pop over ;-) xx

Happy Halllloweeen! Thank you for joining in the magic, truly! <3 Vanessa
Lilly Briar said…
I loved this! The pictures were great and I loved the story. Great job!
Gina said…
LOVED IT!!!! Mwahahahaha.....maybe it's best that she doesn't remember :D XXX
Spooktacular Party Post & Photos! Bewitching Tale. Hope you'll fly by my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party & Be Blessed with powerful Wiccan Wishes... Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<
Wonderful party, and story, love the skeleten dog! beautiful pictures too! hope you will visit Plumfield,
see you there, Celeste
beverly e said…
Perfection: Loved the story and the props... that CAKE! I'd eat it in spite of the cobwebs! Loved it!
Oh wow! Love all the deathly colors....grays and blacks. Fantastic story, too.

Gerushia's New World
Laura Morrigan said…
Ah, how delightfully Miss Havisham-esque! I have always admired her decor style! I have toyed with the idea of having a room like this if I have a large enough house one day!
Oooh, so spooky!! (Yes, I was going to say "Miss Havisham", too...I think your Dearie is Miss Havisham's cousin twice-removed!!) ;) Thank you SO much for visiting me, too, Dear! (Isn't it fun to connect on Instagram, as well!)
Have a wonderful week and the Happiest Halloween!!
Kerstin Bulin said…
OHHHH so spooky...happy halloween
Kerstin from germany
How wonderfully creepy!!! Love it all, especially the mice on the cake! Thanks for the hair-raising time! Sorry I got here so late.
Cheers, Sarah
Absolutely gorgeous, Rachel. I'd love to come for tea with that beautiful lady. Where on earth did you get her? She has a wonderful face. :)
Linda said…
Oh my goodness. What amazing props...I love them all. I'm a little late but here I am. I hope you will visit me.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Eeks! What a perfectly spooky party... and I think there's a terrifying tale behind it all, just waiting to be told? =D

And I looooooove the cake! Blackberries make the most beautiful garnish!

Have a happy Halloween! <3
Jennifer said…
Rachel your party was so so spooky and lovely! Absolutely beautiful photographs!
Hey There Dear Rachel!
Just a quick note to let you know that you have won the giveaway on The Tearoom! Convo'ing you through your Etsy shop so you can give me your e-mail...

Congratulations and hugs!

Wenni Donna said…
Wow!! Amazing!! Skating party is really a fun, I know as just last month I had attended skating party with my lovable friends. We had booked venues in DC and there we had great fun and food was amazing too.

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