I am here, back blogging after such along time.  I can't believe that October was the last time I blogged.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, I was super busy before Christmas doing all kinds of things and then I ended up being really ill until well into the New Year.  After that I just really felt the need to go into hibernation and didn't do much at all, which of course means nothing to blog about and also no energy to do it.  The funk is passed now though and I'm back and fully embracing the Spring!

Easter weekend was the first time in ages that I'd been out for a walk in the woods, oh how I had missed it.  I went to Sherwood Forest for inspiration on a new project I'm working on for Titania's Tea Party (more to be revealed soon).  I was also hoping to capture some signs of Spring awakening to share with you but, for Sherwood at least, Spring still seemed to be hiding.  While it hasn't been an unusually cold Winter it has been extremely windy and a few days before had been no exception with pretty much the whole country experiencing gale force winds.

It was unsurprising that this had led to casualties.  In certain parts of the forest, trees lay strewn across the forest floor like soldiers on a battle field, this battle had been against Mother Nature and that is one fight that many lose.  All is in balance though as the fallen trees will provide homes for many insects and animals over the coming months and the spaces they have left means more sunlight can reach the forest floor, leading to new growth.

Here I am wandering around, taking in the carnage.  This photo almost makes me look like a pink haired yeti! :-)

Luckily The Major Oak (said to be home to Robin Hood) had survived, although it does get extra help.

The Major Oak wasn't my favourite tree though.  No, this is the tree I fell in love with, all gnarled and old, with a few less branches and a lot less support.

I picked up a few bits of moss while I was there for future projects and whenever I take anything from the woods (bits of moss, fallen twigs etc) I always make sure I take the time to thank the trees and the Earth for their generosity.

Even without signs of Spring Sherwood Forest is still a wonderful place to visit, full of history, folklore and quirky little features.

At certain times of the year this little shelter is occupied by a storyteller.

Oh and fungi!  It wouldn't be a visit to the woods without at least one fungi picture.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Sherwood with me.  It's so good to be back blogging and hopefully I won't leave it quite so long to the next blog post!

Now I am off to visit you all and find out what I've missed. :-)


Jennifer said…
I have missed you and your posts indeed! And what a magical place you have visited. I didn't even know that Sherwood forest is a real forest. And that Major Oak! Oh my, it is gorgeous! Beautiful place, thank you for taking us along to visit it!
Charlotte said…
Nice to see you in our neck of the woods. Sherwood Pines and Sherwood Forest wonderful for taking the children and they do some really great local festivals there every year. It is such a small remnant of a once great hunting forest. If you are ever our way again see if you can find Ploughman's Wood nr Lowdham. Ancient ash, rowan and linden woodland. Tiny but a little bit of woodland heaven
Nice to see you back, Rachel! All the trees are beautiful but I don't think I've ever seen anything as amazing as that gnarly one! I'm looking forward to gathering some moss this summer myself and trying my hand at making some little terrariums. I just have to find some nice jars at the thrift store. :)
Ms Misantropia said…
I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling under the weather for so long, but I can totally relate. I hope the spring brings us both renewed energy and strength!

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